Ollie O’ Connor:  “The most important match this year is THE NEXT ONE”.


Ollie became a Coach in 1996. He has coached from U12s to Senior Ladies.  He joined the C.C.C. coaching team in 2003 starting at Minor level and progressed to Junior level.

He has played for Munster, captained 3 different cup winning teams in 3 consecutive years in 2 different millenniums. His proudest moment in his hockey career was winning a cup medal this year playing on the same team as his son Gary. He is looking forward to seeing the birth place of his grandmother when he travels to Australia and spending 3 weeks with 44 of the most talented players he has had the pleasure of working with. His biggest fear is that they will go water-skiing (tried that in Holland and failed miserably). He doesn’t have a hobby he has an obsession, its called Hockey. His favourite subject in school was Applied Math’s (it was a breeze). He is really looking forward to seeing how the Southern Hemisphere coaches coach their teams and learning from them. With a Coach like this, hockey in Crescent is destined for great things.



John Power: “Don’t play stupid with me; I’m better at it”


The youngest of the group, In September Crescent College was blessed with a bright eyed, red haired (ahem), enthusiast by the name of Johnny Power. The newest member to our hockey staff, doesn’t play the sport himself, instead he dabbles in a little light kayaking and surfing. We have our suspicions that he was previously a member of the Fosset’s Circus, famous for his complex acrobatic maneuvers, Johnny….?? Coming to Crescent was a dream come true for him and said each day after that just kept getting better. Even though he is the youngest (smallest) of our coaching staff, his opinion is always valued and appreciated… thanks J.P.!!




Sean O’ Callaghan: “It’s the taking part that counts”


Where to begin with Sean, this quiet, pleasant, under-standing, sympathetic and caring man graced Crescent College a mere 30 years ago. And so Crescents sporting success took off. Sean began coaching Rugby until he decided to settle down when he took hockey under his wing. Sean’s pet hate would have to be interrupting private conversations and demanding their full attention. Sean like’s nothing better than talking about farming and imaging that he is cruising on a tractor down in cork. Sean requested a dog as a mascot for the tour due to his passionate love for the animals. Sean’s biggest fear is who will look after the chickens and ducks when he is gone. We are confident that they will be happy out enjoying his garden and taking long leisurely evening strolls around Dooradoyle. Sean’s commitment and dedication ensures great success for all teams.




Brenda Maloney: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”


In a nutshell Brenda can be described as a compass… we would be lost without her. In her spare time, when she’s finished saving the world from Caroline, Brenda likes to represent Ireland in athletics and hockey but her real passion is in the woodwork room (Peter)!! Brenda puts her heart and soul into all the training sessions and this is evident by commitment and skill of her daughter who looks to be following in her mother’s footsteps. Another real mammy of the group we all know we are going to be safe down under, except when she goes on her quest for Crocodile Dundee. Brenda has been voted the person on the trip most likely to put a wild dingo in Sean’s room. With Brenda’s driving force and deep understanding of the game Crescent hockey will always be in safe hands.


 Caroline O Donnell: “All children are gifted – some just open their presents later than others”


Saying something bad about Caroline is like throwing away a boomerang…it just can’t be done. Caroline first took up Minor hockey coaching in Crescent College as the first step in her plan to take over the world. Her side kick and partner in Crime Brenda are sure to lead John astray and keep Sean on his toes. One of Caroline’s many roles as part of Crescent keeps her at the school more than the teaching staff and pupils combined, one of these roles being a mother to one of the girls on the trip and being a true mammy to all the girls involved in hockey. Caroline would talk to anyone and is voted most likely to be conversing with the kangaroos. Caroline is a dedicated hockey coach with inspirational ideas and wisdom (it’s an age thing), we are lucky to have you!!