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About Us

The California Community College Educators of Older Adults (CCCEOA) provides a forum for ideas on (non-credit) older adult programming within the California Community College system. Northern and Southern California groups meet regularly to exchange ideas on courses, activities, marketing, facilities and academic and financial resource issues affecting local, regional, or state policies and procedures. State-wide, the two groups collaborate to provide a cohesive and systematic approach to older adult programming issues as they arise and in preparation for future trends. This collaboration stimulates innovation yet ensures reliable and cost effective programming.  

Within the state structure provided by the CCC Chancellor's Office, this association also serves as a resource group to identify, initiate and support programs and legislation designed to serve the education and training needs of older adults.

For more information on the CCCEOA, please contact Mary Lange at  (909) 274-5117 or CCCEOA@Ymail.com.