This wiki is a snapshot in time of the InterviewMD documentation from July 2013.
Some pages have been scrubbed for security reasons. - Joel Thornton

This site contains documentation for the Creative Change Counseling Center InterviewMD System.

InterviewMD is a markup language and associated web-based system that enables users to create their own interview-style HTML forms with minimal technical background. Collected form data can then be used to produce reports or used for other purposes.

Getting started

Technical background

InterviewMD is an abbreviation for Interview MarkDown. Markdown is a reference to the Markdown language, which InterviewMD is a superset of.

The CCCC InterviewMD System converts InterviewMD documents into HTML forms that normal users may complete. These forms are automatically data-bound via PHP, using SQL for storage on the server side. This is all accommodated by the InterviewMD markup language, which greatly simplifies the process of creating attractive data-bound forms for non-developers.

For developers

The CCCC InterviewMD System is currently implemented as an addon to OpenEMR in PHP and JS. While it is currently an OpenEMR addon, the code is loosely coupled enough that it could be converted into a standalone system fairly easily.

Take a look at accessing the source code to work on the code. See design documents and future plans for some jumping-off points for new work.

For system administrators