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Ines Roberts

Ines Roberts (Ines Labunski Roberts) has lived with her family in Santa Barbara since 1966. She was born in Danzig – now in Poland. A year before the war ended her mother had to abandon their home in Zoppot and flee with her two children to the Danish border in order to avoid the Russian Army.  Ines was educated in Germany and England and is a citizen of Britain and the US.  Ines went to England to study medicine, but after she met Gilbert Roberts that ambition was abandoned. Living in Scotland she joined the local camera club in Stirling, whose members greatly encouraged her by their kind help and support.  She is otherwise a completely self-taught photographer. After Gilbert designed a fuse and dissolve unit for her, Ines has produced over 35 slide-music programs since 1972 when her first show ”The Four Seasons of Sequoia” received a standing ovation at the PSA International Convention of Photography.  Most of her slide shows have been premiered at the SB Museum of Art.  Her photographs have been published as feature articles in London (Royal Photography Society of Britain), Mexico, Canada, Holland, Germany and Japan, and the USA.  Her articles and photographs are published regularly in Naturfoto, Terra; and Nature Photographer. 

Her Cibachrome Prints have been exhibited in many one-woman shows in both the US and abroad.  In 1987 and 1994 she was a first Prize winner in the Sierra Club Annual Contest.  She also won a bronze and silver medals in the International Print Exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society.  In 2003 she was awarded Juror’s Choice in the International Slide competition of the RPS.  She was the overall winner in the Royal Aero Club and was the 2003 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in Wildplaces.  In 2007 her picture, "Frog Refuge,” was chosen from 35,000 in BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.  In 1988 Ines Roberts  was elected a nominee for the Californian Art Advocate.  In 1992 she gained the fellowship of the R.P.S. of Great Britain after submission of 20 prints.  In 1996 The London Salon of Photography invited her to be a member (there are only 35 members worldwide). In 2013 Ines received a Gold Medal in the Trierenberg Super Circuit (Linz, Austria) show for her photograph of "Tree Skeletons" and two of her photos were again accepted in the London Salon.

Both Ines and Gilbert have been enthusiastic hang-glider pilots with Ines logging nearly 700 flights from 1979 to 2002. Ines has given workshops and lectures at the UCSB and throughout the US.  She feels that her deep love for our natural world and her involvement in photography is constantly enriching her life and is one of the greatest gifts granted to her.  She is also convinced that belonging to CCCC since 1966 and seeing so much good work is a never-ending learning experience that helps her to grow and not to stagnate.