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All of our instructors have limited time to teach and will do their best to accommodate the students.
While we will attempt to teach a variety of classes each session,
please remember that we are a club and not a business. 
Please see below for all required paperwork, important dates, and a link to our current class schedule.

Please note the following before continuing:

1) If you have not taken classes from us previously, you are required to contact us prior to submitting paperwork (see bottom of the page for specific info).

2) It is strongly suggested that junior handlers have at least 1 year of 4-H or obedience experience prior to signing up for classes.

3) No children below the age of 9 will be allowed on the floor.

4) Children between the ages of 9-12 must have a parent / guardian on the floor with them at all times.

5) Any junior handler (under the age of 18) must have a parent / guardian with them in the building at all times.
Current Classes Offered this Session - please scroll to the bottom for required forms

November - December 2017

UKC Class: Learn and Practice

Learn the rules for UKC agility, introduce the handler and dog to the equipment used in UKC Agility, at the three different levels. Practice walkthroughs (with and without your dogs) and running AG1, AG 2 and AG 3 courses.


  • The dog must be 1 year of age or older

  • Is current on vaccinations, and non-aggressive

  • And ONE of the two below:

    • Has successfully completed C4's Agility 3 class (Previously: Intermediate Handling)

    • Or

    • Has prior instructor approval

Class Goals: To become comfortable with UKC equipment and learn about the different levels.



Alphabet Drills

Alphabet Drills is a class focused on jumping skills using pattern set-up to look like letters of the alphabet. This class will give students the opportunity to practice handling 270's, pinwheels, front and rear crosses, serpentines, and more. It will not cover the basics of teaching a dog how to jump properly - the dog should be able to properly jump before entering this class.


  • The dog must be 1 year of age or older

  • Is current on vaccinations, and non-aggressive

  • Is competing

  • Has good jump foundation skills

Class Goals: A major goal of this class is to help handlers and their dogs become more comfortable with common sequences / set-ups that are seen on courses and executing them correctly.


No additional classes this session

No additional classes this session.


For the current class schedule, click HERE.

~*~ ALL PAPERWORK IS DUE BY November 6, 2017!! ~*~
Please mail ALL completed paperwork to the address on the forms.
E-mailed forms will NOT be accepted!

Required Paperwork

2. Guidelines for Admittance  Fill out the guidelines form annually. We will keep it on file for the year.
3a. Dog Profile Form  Fill out the dog profile form annually for each dog. We will keep it on file for the year.
3b. Dog Profile Form: Members Only  Fill out the dog profile form annually for each dog. We will keep it on file for the year.
4. Proof of vaccination Please submit a copy of your dog's records from your vet's office.
5. Class Expectations  Read this document and initial on the registration form.

If you have not previously taken classes from us and are interested in attending one,
you are REQUIRED to contact us and let us know:
1) Your name, the dog's name/age, and any obedience/agility experience.
2) The name of the class you are considering

*** All classes are limited to 4-10 handler/dog teams (depending on the class). If registrations for class limits are exceeded, a random draw will be held on Nov 7, 2017 to decide acceptance into that class. 
Notification of class confirmation will be sent within 2-3 days of the random draw.
If you do not get into the class, your check and registration forms will be shredded and you'll be given priority into that same class the next time it is offered. ***

For more information, please contact Sandy Deatrick by email.

For directions to get to our building, click HERE.