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CWA - "New Deal"

"New Deal"
How did the program change the relationship of the government and the
-What new role in society did the program create for the government?

It changed the relationship of the government and people by employing four million workers creating the first public employment experiment of the New Deal. The new role in society created for the government was to take large numbers of "employable" recipients off the relief rolls and also employ several million unemployed workers who were not on relief.

The CWA was to hire workers to help in the creation of public projects. The program hired men and women. The CWA's projects focused on the repair  of public buildings, roadways, and parks. The CWA began more than six thousand projects in just Ohio. By January 1934, the Civil Works Administration provided employment to over four million Americans. The CWA paid  forty-nine thousand dollars in wages to Ohioans to help them meet their needs during the Great Depression. Unskilled workers received fifty cents per hour, while skilled workers were paid $1.20 per hour. The CWA stayed in operation until March 1934, when the federal government ended the program due to its High costs.