Center for Complex Biological Systems Modeling Interest Group (CCBS MIG)

Meetings are at noon (lunch is provided) in 1144 Natural Sciences I on the first Tuesday of every month.  

Because of their profound complexity, biological systems present some unique challenges in terms of modeling and understanding. There is no one correct approach and one must decide on the appropriate level of description for each system. In other words, there are as many different modeling approaches as there are systems to be understood and scientists doing the understanding. 

In the UCI spirit of collaboration, we are organizing an Interest Group in Modeling Biological Systems to bring together people from different disciplines who share the common goal of developing a more in-depth understanding of biological systems from molecules to cells to organisms. The meetings will consist of informal/formal seminars, tutorials, workshops, demonstrations, research-in-progress, and brainstorming. The typical meeting will last 1 to 1½ hours, and the group will meet once a month.

Lunch will be served (noon).