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North Carolina County Courthouse Challenge Ride

The North Carolina County Courthouse Challenge Ride involves visiting as many of of the county courthouses in North Carolina's 100 counties as possible and taking a picture of your motorcycle with the county courthouse in the same picture.  You can visit these county courthouse locations whenever you like, and in whatever order you like, during 2008.  For counties with both a new and historic courthouse, either one will be accepted (the historic courthouse is preferred).  This was started as a challenge ride for calendar year 2008, but we are keeping this challenge ride open as a long-term riding goal for our members.

North Carolina County Courthouse Ride Resources

You can use this list of the 100 North Carolina counties and the town/city where their county courthouse is located.  The list includes GPS coordinates for the town/city (not the actual courthouse).  If you wish to provide the courthouse GPS coordinates to me after you visit them, by all means please do so.  The county/town list will be updated with better GPS coordinates as others provide them.  Wikipedia also offers a page with a map showing each North Carolina county, along with information about it's county seat..

To receive credit for your visit, you will need to submit your entries either via email (include your digital photo, the name of the county courthouse you visited, and the date of your visit) to ccbmwriderclub@gmail.com or by printing and mailing the entry form (available as an Attachment below) within 30 days following your visit.


North Carolina County Courthouse Ride Challenge Prize

Cape Fear BMW has kindly offered a prize to the winner of this Challenge Ride --- the winner's choice of a new set of motorcycle tires! CCBMW member John Bower successfully completed this challenge ride during 2008 and received the prize offered by Cape Fear BMW and its owner, Rick Greene (a free set of tires!).   

North Carolina County Courthouse Ride Progress

A list of the county courthhouses visited by each participant are available as attachments at the bottom of this page.
Here is a summary, as of August 30, 2008. 

Rider Name

Number of

Jim Bain


Mark Bisnette


John Bower


Bill Murray


Ed O'Neil


Dick Williams