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This site has been created for the students in Concordia's Biology 121 course. Use it as a starting place for course-related research and as a reminder of print and electronic library resources that will be particularly useful as you complete your coursework.

Erika often works with biology students on a variety of projects. She is happy to assist you individually as you work through your projects for this course.  Please contact Erika using the information provided on the left if you have any questions or challenges with your research.


Books About Tetrahymena
Signaling Mechanisms in Protozoa and Invertebrates
(on reserve at the library)

Tetrahymena Thermophila (on reserve at the library)

Tetrahymena (entry in the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences - available through Moodle)

CSE Style - Citation Help
Hacker Guide / Colorado State University Guide / RefWorks
Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences (on reserve at the library)