Fall 2018 Meeting

With special appreciation to the American Classical League and the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Southern Section of the California Classical Association announces the program for its
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Saturday, November 10, 2018
9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades
Room: North Campus NV 113-114

From Hades to the Heavens:
The Power of Myth and Image

  • a tribute to the American Classical League Centennial Celebration
  • Getty Villa museum galleries and docent tours of the new "Underworld" exhibit

Program Highlights:
Welcome and Reception — complimentary continental breakfast

Morning Speakers
  • Images of the Underworld from Dante to Disney; presented by Andrea Stehle, author and Latin teacher at Basis Schools of San Antonio, Texas.
    “The mysterious and magical realm known as the Underworld has inspired poets and painters for millennia. This presentation will explore images of Hades, Cerberus, Orpheus and more, from Dante’s ‘Inferno’ to modern depictions in books and film.”

  • Sappho’s Luminosity; presented by Zachary Borst, Classics doctoral candidate at UCLA.  
    “My approach to light offers us another way of thinking about how temporality and memory are represented in Sappho. I argue in my paper that Sappho’s depiction of the visual qualities of light throughout her corpus may help us understand, for example, why Hades can both be represented as dark and visible, and how her desire to see illuminates the darkness of Hades and brings it to life. Similarly, recent work on temporality in film and photography has focused on what light makes visible and how it captures aspects of time.

  • The Lure of Lyra: An ACL Tribute and Centennial Star Presentation; presented by Katie Robinson and with remarks by Dr. Mary Pendergraft, American Classical League  President and Professor and Chair of Classical Languages at Wake Forest University, North Carolina.

Afternoon Tours and Mentoring
  • Centum Utiles Phrases; How to Increase Latin Immersion in Any Setting; A printed resource for teachers.

  • Loquamur Latinewalking tours led by SALVI mentors, discussing Mythology in Art and Roman Villas.

  • Underworld Exhibit; take time to explore this exciting new installation.  Docent tours will be available!

Registration is free thanks to generous donors!
Simply register through the SCHED registration linkhttps://gettyregional.sched.com
Registration is limited. You will receive messages later via SCHED with directions for specific street access and parking.

Complimentary breakfast will be provided.
Lunch can be purchased from the Getty Villa Coffee Cart and the Getty Villa Café.

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