Card Carrying Liberal, one cranky woman's response to the state of our nation, is an activist greeting card company
based in Providence, RI. Profits from our anti-Bush greeting cards were donated to progressive political
causes and on-the-ground work in swing states.

Our greeting cards were sold by really smart independent bookstores and funky gift shops from California to Chicago
to New York; at rallies and meet ups and concerts; and at the Democratic National Convention. Our work was
featured in Skirt Magazine, Venus, BUST, Newsweek and the National Journal.  We met a lot of people, donated a lot
of cash and had a lot of fun. 

If you missed out on all the fun, here's a taste:

  With love for you and hope for a new White House
Happy Valentine's Day

   ...imagine how you'll feel after eight
years of Bush. 
Get well by November 4.
  if only the New Year had no W.
  May we overcome fear,
embrace hope,
and save our nation
from morons.

about the cranky woman

The founder of Card Carrying Liberal often yells at the morning newspaper. Spurred by anger at the Bush administration (and a second latte), she developed the concepts for Card Carrying Liberal's first line one summer afternoon. Figuring out how to set up a company took a little longer. This is not her day job.

The cranky woman believes that hope comes from small (and large) acts of creative expression. Do it.

We're resting, but we're not done yet (turns out -- neither is the Bush family).  Stay tuned.

Questions? Comments?  Love notes?  E-mail the cranky woman.