December 20th - Horiuchi

December 13th - Murase

December 7th - Murase 

November 30th - Dasgupta

1. Probing the neutrino mass hierarchy with the rise time of a supernova burst.
2. Dark matter seeding and the kinematics and rotation of neutron stars (arXiv:1111:2275 and earlier papers 1 2)

November 16th - Laha
1. Dark matter seeding and the kinematics and rotation of neutron stars (axXiv:1111:2275 and earlier papers 1 2)
2. Two Populations of X-ray Pulsars Produced by Two Types of Supernovae (arXiv:1111.2051)
3. Olber's Paradox for Superluminal Neutrinos: Constraining ExtremeNeutrino Speeds at TeV-ZeV Energies with the Diffuse Neutrino Background (arXiv:1111.3045)
4. DAMA vs the annually modulated muon background (arXiv:1110.0857)
x. Galactic restrictions on iron production by various Types of supernovae (arXiv:1111.2152)

October 24th - Murase

October 17th - Murase

    On running astro-lunch in fall quarter 2011
  • 1109.6562 New Constraints on Neutrino Velocities
  • 1109,4897 Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam 

June 24th - Horiuchi
  • 1106.4069 Very-high-energy γ-ray emission from the direction of the Galactic globular cluster Terzan 
  • 1106.4397 Finding short GRB remnants in globular clusters: the VHE γ-ray source in Terzan 5 1106.4498 Expansion of the Youngest Galactic Supernova Remnant G1.9+0.3 
  • 1106.3438 Neutrino analysis of the September 2010 Crab Nebula flare and time-integrated constraints on neutrino emission from the Crab using IceCube 
  • 1106.3510 A Single Degenerate Progenitor Model of Type Ia Supernovae Highly Exceeding the Chandrasekhar Mass Limit

June 17th - Dasgupta
  • 1106.2822  Indication of Electron Neutrino Appearance from an Accelerator-produced Off-axis Muon Neutrino Beam: T2K Collaboration
  • 1106.3048  Anisotropy and chemical composition of ultra-high energy cosmic rays using arrival directions measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory 
  • 1106.2556 Relativistic shock breakouts - a variety of gamma-ray flares: from low luminosity gamma-ray bursts to type Ia supernovae 
  • 1106.1167 The Role of Collective Neutrino Flavor Oscillations in Core-Collapse Supernova Shock Revival

June 10th - Stamatikos *Canceled* (Due to finals week.)

June 3rd - Carsten
  • Can Planck constrain indirect detection of dark matter in our galaxy? arXiv:1105.4689
  • Limits on the local dark matter density. Silvia Garbari, Justin I. Read, George Lake. 
  • A method for detection of muon induced electromagnetic showers with the ANTARES detector.arXiv:1106.0426 [astro-ph.IM] 
  • Study of the High Energy Gamma-ray Emission from the Crab Pulsar with the MAGIC telescope and Fermi-LAT.

May 27th - Siegal-Gaskins  *Some Highlights from the 2011 Fermi Symposium*       

May 20th - Dasgupta

May 13th - *CCAPP seminar* (Nicole Bell)

May 6th - Rott
  • 1104.5187  A search for a Diffus Flux of Astrophysical Muon Neutrinos with the IceCube 40-String Detector
  • 1104.5620 The next-generation liquid-scintillator neutrino observatory LENA
  • *** Visitor *** Lan Luenemann - IceCube Search for Dark Matter in Dwarf Spheriodal Galaxies

April 29th - Murase
  • 1104.4787 Discovery of the Onset of Rapid Accretion by a Dormant Massive Black Hole 
  • 1104.5187 A search for a Diffuse Flux of Astrophysical Muon Neutrinos with the IceCube 40-String Detector 
  • 1104.5314 How Robust is the Froissart Bound?
  • 1104.5443 The Milky Way's Fermi Bubbles: Echoes of the Las Quasar Outburst? 

April 22nd - Horiuchi
  • 1104.2093  Fermi-LAT Observations of Two Gamma-Ray Emission Components from the Quiescent Sun
  • 1104.2549  Dark Matter Results from 100 Live Days of XENON100 Dataa
  • 1104.3088  A search for light dark matter in XENON10 data
  • 1104.3356  An extremely luminous panchromatic outburst from the nucleus of a distant galaxy [and related papers 1 2 3]
  • 1104.2150  Absence of day-night asymmetry of 862 keV Be-7 solar neutrino rate in Borexino and MSW oscillation parameters
  • 1104.3145  Dark Forces At The Tevatron

April 15th - Stamatikos
  • summary of the ISS Workshop

March 18th - Horiuchi
  • 1103.3266 Search for a Dark Matter annihilation signal from the Galactic Center halo with H.E.S.S (HESS collaboration)
  • 1103.2768 Reconstruction of supernova mu/tau-neutrino spectra at scintillator detectors (Dasgupta & Beacom)
  • 1103.2880 The cosmic-ray electron flux measured by the PAMELA experiment between 1 and 625 GeV (PAMELA collaboration)
  • 1103.2771 Asymmetric WIMP dark matter (Graesser, Shoemaker, Vecchi)
  • 1103.2377 Constraining the Milky Way Dark Matter Density Profile with Gamma-Rays with Fermi-LAT (Bernal & Palomares-Ruiz)

 11th - Siegal-Gaskins
  • 1103.0776  The cosmic X-ray and gamma-ray background from dark matter annihilation (Zavala et)
  • 1012.1247  The Blazar Spectral Energy Distribution Sequence Model of the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background and its Implications for Dark Matter Detection (Abazajian, Blanchet, Harding)
  • 1103.1886  Upper Bound on the Energy of Particles and Their Secondary Neutrinos (Thompson & Lacki)

 4th - Rott
  • 1102.2548 Predictive Signatures of Supersymmetry: Measuring the Dark Matter Mass and Gluino Mass with Early LHC data
  • 1102.4858 11B and Constraints on Neutrino Oscillations and Spectra from Neutrino Nucleosynthesis
  • 1102.0815 A testable conventional hypothesis for the DAMA-LIBRA annual modulation
  • 1102.3883 The ExaVolt Antenna: A Large-Aperture, Balloon-embedded Antenna for Ultra-high Energy Particle Detection.

 25th - Murase

February 18th 2011 - Dasgupta
  • 1102.2958 Enhanced neutrino signals from dark matter annihilation in the Sun via metastable mediators (Bell, Petraki)
  • Discussion on possible Science Budget cuts (summary by Carsten Rott)
  • Anita limits on GRB neutrino fluxes

 11th - Stamatikos

February 4th - Siegal-Gaskins
  • 0810.0713 A theory of dark matter (Arkani-Hamed, Finkbeiner, Slatyer, Weiner)
  • 0807.2250 Inelastic dark matter in light of DAMA/LIBRA (Chang, Kribs, Tucker-Smith, Weiner)
  • 1012.5078 Search for inelastic dark matter with the CDMS II experiment (CDMS collaboration)
  • 1012.5839 A comment on the emission from the Galactic Center as seen by the Fermi telescope (Boyarsky, Malyshev, Ruchayskiy)

January 28th - Rott
  • 1101.3349  Search for Dark Matter from the Galactic Halo with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory (IceCube Collaboration)
  • 1101.3942  Constraints on high-energy neutrino emission from SN 2008D (IceCube Collaboration)
  • 1101.1448 Limits on Neutrino Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the 40 String IceCube Detector (IceCube Collaboration)
  • 1101.1692 First search for atmospheric and extraterrestrial neutrino-induced cascades with the IceCube detector (IceCube Collaboration)
  • 1101.4256 The Astrophysics of Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays (Kumiko Kotera, Angela V. Olinto)

January 21st - Murase
  • 1101.2903  Lorentz Invariance Violation and Chemical Composition of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
  • 1101.3650  Search for Lorentz Invariance breaking with a likelihood fit of the PKS 2155-304 Flare Data Taken on MJD 53944
  • 1012.3678  Components of the Extragalactic Gamma Ray Background (Stecker & Venters)
  • 1101.1489  The X-ray quiescence of Swift J195509.6+261406 (GRB 070610): an optical bursting X-ray binary?
  • 1101.1692  First search for atmospheric and extraterrestrial neutrino-induced cascades with the IceCube detector
  • 1101.1448  Limits on Neutrino Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the 40 String IceCube Detector
  • 1101.3325  First-year Results of Broadband Spectroscopy of the Brightest Fermi-GBM Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • 1101.2082  Detection of a spectral break in the extra hard component of GRB 090926A

January 14th - Horiuchi
  • 1101.1111  Shock Breakout in Dense Mass Loss: Luminous Supernova (Chevalier & Irvin)
  • 1012.3678  Components of the Extragalactic Gamma Ray Background (Stecker & Venters)
  • 1101.1489  Supernova Shock Breakout Through a Wind (Balberb & Loeb)
  • 1012.5627  Solar neutrino spectrum, sterile neutrinos and additional radiation in the Universe (de Holanda & Smirnov)
  • 1012.1274  Neutrinos from failed supernovae at future water and liquid argon detectors (Keehn & Lunardini)

January 7th - Dasgupta
  • Gamma Ray Flares from the Crab Nebula: Tavani et al , Abdo et al
  • Concentric CMB Circles and Conformal Cyclic Cosmology: Gurzadyan & Penrose 1011.37061012.1486; Wehus & Eriksen 1012.1268; Moss, Scott, & Zibin 1012.1305; Hajian 1012.1656
  • No Merger-AGN Connection: Cisternas et al 1009.3265
  • Shock Breakout in Dense Mass Loss: Luminous Supernova: Chevalier & Irvin 1101.1111
  • EGMF Constraints from Simultaneous GeV-TeV Observations of Blazars: Taylor, Vovk & Neronov 1101.0932