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    "The goal of NANN -Central California Chapter, is to serve our community and bridge the gap between the various hospitals' nursing professional in our valley. Neonatal nurses are indeed uniting to serve and foster professional growth with a simple goal of providing excellent and safe care to the little ones we all love to care for and work with daily."


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    Community Servives & Membership Recruitment and Retention Awards
    Winner of 2011 NANN Chapter of the Year Award
    Winner of 2010 NANN Chapter Communication Award
    and 2010 NANN Education Offerings Award
    Winner of 2009 NANN Chapter Communication Award

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    Fund Raising Activities    
    NICU Sweat Shirts and T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts on sale for $50.00 each and T-Shirts on sale for $ 25.00 each. $10.00 /sweat shirt proceed to the chapter
         NICU Logo Shirts, see Kim Collins, choice of white or black, $ 15.00  each

     Vendor: Footprints provided educational course regarding PICC. Thanks Dane!

    Vendors: Verbana Cottage and Myra's Pearls

    Community Services
    •     Walk for Babies, March of Dimes on April 12, 2014 at Woodward Park, Fresno, CA ($ 5000.00)


      • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation through raffling on April 26, 2014 ($500.00)


      • High Risk Infant Follow-Up Program at CHCC, Madera            ($300.00)


      • Be Their Hope Golf Tournament- Proceeds to The Humanitarian Efforts of Celebration Church in Partnership with International Disaster Response Network- Philippines. ($500.00)

    Educational Offerings
        Late Lunch and Learn with Dr. Jimmy Lan 
        Jan. 30, 2014 1:30-3:30 p. m.
        Old Problems, New Ideas: A Glimpse into Areas of Active Research in Neonatology (1.2 CEU)
         Co-sponsor: Mead Johnson
        Four Seasons Restaurant
        342 N. Clovis, #101
        Clovis, CA 92612
        CCANN Neonatal Medley Conference  (Download the brochure at the bottom)
        April 26, 2014 (All Day)
        Childrens Hospital of Central California, 
        Madera, CA
    Amplitude Integrated EEG Monitoring in the NICU
        Dr. Terri Hutchinson, Pediatric Neurologist
            1)  Learn to Recognize Amplitude Integrated EEG
                    a)  Upper and lower limits of amplitude integrated tracing
                    b)  Sleep-wake cycles
                    c)  Baseline elevations that might suggest seizures
    Preventing NEC With the USe of Probiotics and Breast Milk
        Dr. Julia Mizener, Neonatologist
            1)  To Understand the Scientific Basis of the Use of Probiotics in NEC
            2)  To Understand the Use of Donor Breast Milk can Further Decrease the Risk of NEC
    Case Presentation of Hypothermia and NEC, a Developmental Perspective
        Kamela Loo, MSN, NNP-BC
    Understanding Developmental Evaluations with Collaboration Intervention: High Risk Infant Follow-Up (HRIF) Clinic
        Kathy Costa, BSN, RNC-NIC, HRIF Coordinator
            1)  To Understand the Role of the HRIF Clinic
            2)  To recognize the Statistics of the HRIF Clinic
    Test Your knowledge: Interactive Case Studies
        Dr. Indira Chandrasekar (CHCC), Neonatologist
            1)  To Recognize the Current Neonatal Trends
            2) To Understand Changes in Clinical Condition and the Pathophysiology Behind it
    Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHN)
        Dr. Anupama Patel (CHCC) Neonatologist
            1)  To Understand the Pathophysiology of PPHN
            2)  To Recognize the Clinical Presentation and Treatment of PPHN


        Join us for the Mead Johnson Nutrition Virtual Journal Club, see above for announcemenet


        One hour CEU and Chapter Meeting
        July 16, 2014
        Childrens Hospital of Central California, Madera, CA

        CCANN Best Practiced Conference
        October 4, 2014 (All Day)
        Childrens Hospital of Central California, Madera, CA




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