Summaries, summaries, summaries...

posted Dec 9, 2011, 11:08 AM by Jess Sauer
Students are hard at work on learning to summarize the social studies book one section at a time.  Please check in with your student to see if they are where they should be in this process.  At this point, they should be nearly finished with their second summary.  They should finish it over the weekend if it's not done.  You can ask to see their feedback on the first summary by going to their google account, opening the first summary and looking at the feedback I gave.  I have been grading them as they are shared with me, so all the ones turned in through yesterday (Thurs. 12/8) should be graded.  If they can't show this to you, it means they haven't finished it.  
In general, the summaries have been quite good.  This is a tough skill and I am very happy with how seriously the students have been taking their work.