Art Forms I


  • Identify, illustrate and apply techniques/skills in a variety of mediums
  • Gain insight into the historical development of these art mediums and how culture and experience has affected their existence
  • Identify artists who have or are working in these areas
  • Recognize and summarize terminology related to topics
  • Create/Produce artwork using insight from historical as well as personal influences
  • Apply aesthetic and technical processes to complete personal projects

Course Outline

Stained Glass

      - History of Stained Glass

      - Design Aesthetics

      -  (Glass cutting, Foiling. Soldering)

      -  Critique/Presentation


-       Art and Cultural References

-       Brainstorming/Sketches/Drawing

-       Linoleum Cutting Process

-       Using the inks/printing

-       Matting/Presentation


          -      Accordion Book

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