Midterm is done, grades are ready to be e-mailed.
Trees terminology already discussed last lecture. Slides are uploaded

Midterm will  on Saturday July 30th including Stacks at lecture time and same place room 103. Coding simple functions (methods) will be required using different data structures. Grades will be handed individually before the Thursday Lecture isA.
Thursday July 28th 2011: Stacks will be discussed in the lecture isA
Saturday July 23rd 2011: Arrays and Linked Lists will be discussed in the lecture isA.
Homeworks are due on Thursday section only. 
Homeworks will be available on Saturday section and will be submitted on Thursday section of same week.
Thursday July 21st 2011: Lectures started and also first quiz, check lectures slides in the slides tab.

Grade Distribution
  • 10% in class quizzes
  • 30% Lab assignments and homeworks
  • 30% Midterm
  • 30% Final exam

  • Before Midterm
  • Introduction
  • Data Storage
  • Arrays
  • Linked Lists
  • Stacks
  • After Midterm
  • Queues
  • Dequeues 
  • Trees
  • Binary Search Trees
  • Priority Queues
  • Heaps
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