Each year, students at Concordia College participate in a variety of research projects as part of their course work. Staff members at the Carl B. Ylvisaker Library wish to recognize students who excel at the research process and who completed projects that exemplify thoughtful, reflective attention to the research topic of their choice. The Exemplary Research Award is a monetary award of $1000 given to the student who submits the research project that best meets the criteria established by the Carl B. Ylvisaker librarians. The winning project will be announced each year at the Celebration of Student Scholarship.
If you are a junior or senior currently enrolled at the college (December 2012 graduates are also eligible), please consider submitting your last great paper! If you are an instructor who received great papers, please encourage your students to apply for this award.
The library will begin accepting submissions on  January 8, 2014
and all entries must be received by February 21, 2014.


Award Criteria
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled juniors and seniors at Concordia College.

  • Submitted academic papers must have been completed during the junior or senior year in conjunction with coursework at Concordia College.

  • A complete application portfolio will include: the original academic paper, an annotated bibliography, and a reflective essay.

    (Click on links to find detailed instructions for each portfolio element. Also, be sure to view the grading rubric linked below for even more details about how your work will be evaluated.)
Application Process
  1. Complete the online registration form.

  2. Send an email to Bonnie Hurner (library administrative secretary) at hurner@cord.edu with the following attachments (MS Word or PDF):

    academic paper (title page and all personal identifiers removed)
    annotated bibliography
    reflective essay
Subpages (1): Grading Rubric