The Gentleman

The Gentleman is a game about a gentleman...

But this is no ordinary gentleman. The Gentleman is quite obsessed with finding his monocle. Not any monocle will do, however. On the Gentleman's journey he must collect as many monocles as possible, because the more monocles he finds, the more likely one of them will be his, right? The Gentleman must travel between lamps to achieve his ultimate goal.

Throughout the game, players will run, jump, and fall through increasingly difficult levels in search of the Gentleman's monocle. Depending on your path, blocks will have different effects like falling out from underneath the Gentleman or only appearing in the shadows.

Will the Gentleman keep his sanity?
Will you keep your sanity?


  • Run, jump, and fall through 41 handcrafted challenging levels.
  • Go with the flow as you navigate your way past various block types.
  • Environmental effects can be both your friend and your foe.
  • Follow the Diary of the Gentleman to find out the history of his journey.
  • Select quotes inspired by Confucius and Dante will help ease the Gentleman's agony.
  • Try to collect all 123 monocles... who knows what you'll find?