Unpublished writers
, attempting to have their own stories published in any market, often have difficulty receiving feedback before they submit their story.  Many new writers have no one to bounce their story off of - no one to help them edit, refine and polish.  Sometimes, the best thing for a story is a harsh and critical eye.

This site was established for the Battletech community and the writers within it.  It is the online meeting place of what is essentially a writer's group.  The intent is to provide unpublished writers from the BattleTech community a place to have a critical eye review what they have created - and a place for those writers to perform the same service for others.
  The membership will serve each other in reviewing and commenting on manuscripts to ensure the highest quality of prose, grammar and style - before the story is ever submitted to the editors at BattleCorps.com.

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The Community Forum is the place where all the work happens.  Divided into both public and private areas, it is the place where the real work takes place.  While the private area is restricted to verified members of the Writer's Group, the public area is open to everyone to post Fan Fiction, discuss BattleTech, writing and continuity ideas.

The Tools and Resources page is a starting point to various writing tools and other resources around the web.  It links to dictionaries, software, articles on writing and other pages of interest to a new writer.

On the Writing Exercises page you will find various exercises to help get you thinking and writing in the BattleTech universe.

The Special Features page contains essays, articles, interviews and other information from and about currently published BattleTech authors.

The FAQ contains more information about why this site exists and provides details on how to become a member of the Writer's Group.