History of CBS Pop Inn #1

Bill and Shirley Bergamini moved to Bradenton, Florida in 2005 to be closer to their daughter, Carole Zoellner and her family, during their golden years. They spent wonderful moments in this converted in-law suite enjoying the beautiful landscaping and the comforts of home while being close to their loved onesliterally a door step away.

After they passed away, Carole decided to honor her parents by opening their home to  travelers who need a brief visit in a unique setting. She knows Pop and Shirley would have wanted it that way.

 “CBS Pop Inn” was selected as the name because C.B.S. stands for Carole, Bill and Shirley. Bill was lovingly referred to by his family as “Pop.”

Shirley and Pop will always remain a door step away from our hearts and memories.

       CBS POP INN #2--COMING IN SEPT. 2018