Congratulations to all the students for stupendous performance in Checkpoint Primary and Lower Secondary (2021-22)

Effective Debating is an art and to conduct it creatively, is magical. SAI Global School organized the annual Debate Competition for the sub-branches of Turncoat, Debating Team and Extempore on 29th January, 2022.

Students of Cambridge International DAVPS Pushpanjali Enclave participated in the Junior's category (Class 6-8) where Vidushi Garg of class VIII A participated in the Extempore competition; Nandini Bhalla of VII A spoke debate for the motion; Siddhi Chopra of VII A spoke debate against the motion and Ishika Sangari of Class VI A participated in Turncoat competition where she won the third position amongst the 52 participating schools from 10 countries including Japan, UAE, China, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and others.

The event motivated the students and instilled in them confidence, responsibility, reflection, innovation and kept them thoroughly engaged.



Interviews by Ms Katalin Sagi with Winners of Collins Smart Tech 1.0

A gist of online interview with Ms Katalin Sagi, the CEO of the Innovative Education Council, Finland with winners of Collins Smart Tech 1.0.

Q1. What encouraged you to participate in the competition?

1. How did you hear about it?

2. What was your motivation?

3. Have you been learning coding before?

Ans-1 1. Our coordinator ma'am and our mentor share the details related to this competition before it was started.

2. The coding was the main factor that encouraged me to participate in this competition. Even this was an opportunity to learn something new which was making a game on scratch and even using JavaScript in making the website. Also, this was an opportunity for me to learn about the SDGs more thoroughly. So, I decided to enter this competition and learn something innovative.

3. Yes, I learnt HTML, C++ and python in school and I have done many courses on Coursera related to coding.

Q2. Would the students like to participate in similar competitions internationally in the future?

A2. Yes, it would be great if we are getting some opportunities to participate in such coding competitions internationally. It would develop our confidence for using technology, it will engage us in learning and doing something innovative. Even, it will increase our capability of working in a team as we will learn teamwork, sportsman spirit and many qualities which will always be helpful in our life.

Q3. How did you set up your team at school, how did the team members find each other?

Ans-3 We were selected by our mentors, we belong to different classes. So we collaborated, explored and shared our own knowledge of scratch, HTML tags,

Since the schools were closed. So, we connected through an online platform .

Q4. How was it for the students to work together in designing and coding the game and the website?

Ans-4 . It was a fabulous experience for me to work in a team. We worked all together using an online platform. Everyone was participating equally. All of us knew about coding a little bit so it was very helpful to design and create the game as well as the website. All of us were given different tasks like Devansh, Pranav and punyam were working with the coding, I and angel explored all the images,sounds, videos for the game and website.

Q5. How does your school feel about the SDGs?

Ans-5 Our school is always ready to follow the goals and become the member of these crucial issues so that they can be achieved. The school has solar panels at the terries which are a supply of energy through the school. Even we are always taught to obey the SDGs and our science teacher teaches us about different SDGs.

Q6. How have your team or school benefited from this competition?

A6. This competition increased our knowledge about SDGs, how, why, when the UN has developed it, which are the most critical issues damaging our environment and how we can become a member of the SDG Goals so that they can be achieved and we would have a safe and clean world. It teaches me that working together can be helpful in overcoming any challenge like all the countries across the globe working together to come out from these threats.

Q7. Tell us more about how your team selected the SDG or SDGs to use in your project?

Ans-7 We all researched about the different SDGs and found that climatic conditions of our mother Earth are changing which is a very critical issue to be solved. So, we searched for what is the major reason in the change of climate and found that Carbon Emissions is increasing the temperature of Earth which leads to melting of polar ice-caps, disturbance in animals’ natural habitat, increase of temperature etc. All these issues gave us a clean idea to choose Carbon Footprint as our topic. Even very few people are aware of Climate change and its actions, so it was a great topic to spread awareness and help for this issue.

Khashika Batra of Class VI has secured lst Rank in Logiquids both at

School level and state Level. Congratulations !

Siddhi of Class VI A has been selected for Prestigious INSPIRE MANAK AWARD winning a cash prize of Rs10,000, a trophy and a certificate. CONGRATULATIONS To Siddhi and Anju Sharma Ma'am for Expert Guidance.


'Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research' (INSPIRE) scheme is one of the flagship programmes of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. The INSPIRE Awards - MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge), being executed by DST with National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF), an autonomous body of DST, aims to motivate students in the age group of 10-15 years and studying in classes 6 to 10. The objective of the scheme is to target one million original ideas/innovations rooted in science and societal applications to foster a culture of creativity and innovative thinking among school children. Under this scheme, schools can nominate 5 best original ideas/innovations of students through this website till 30 September 2020.

This scheme is being operationalised as per the following steps:

Awareness and capacity building of District, State and School level functionaries across the country through regional workshops, audio-visual tools and literature.

Organising internal idea competitions in schools and nominations of two to three best original ideas, in any Indian language, by the respective Principal/Headmaster online through E-MIAS (E-Management of INSPIRE Awards MANAK Scheme) portal. The schools should register themselves on E-MIAS portal.Shortlisting of top 1,00,000 (one lakh) ideas, with potential to address societal needs through Science & Technology by NIF.

Disbursement of INSPIRE Award of INR 10,000 into the bank accounts of short-listed students through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme.

Organisation of District Level Exhibition and Project Competition (DLEPC) by District/State authorities and shortlisting of 10,000 best ideas/innovations for State Level Exhibition and Project Competitions (SLEPC).

Organisation of State Level Exhibition & Project Competition (SLEPC) for further shortlisting of top 1,000 ideas/innovations for the National Level Exhibition and Project Competition (NLEPC). At this stage, NIF will provide mentoring support to students for development of prototypes, in coordination with reputed academic and technology institutions of the country.

Selection of ideas/innovations will be based on novelty, social applicability, environment friendliness, user friendliness and comparative advantage over the existing similar technologies.

Showcasing 1,000 best ideas/innovations at the National Level Exhibition & Project Competition (NLEPC) and shortlisting of top 60 innovations for national awards and future direction.

Consideration of top 60 ideas/innovations by NIF for product/process development and their linkage with other schemes of NIF/DST and their display at the Annual Festival of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (FINE).






Sakshi Gulati and Priyanka Saini are among the 50 most impactful Better learning moments Enablers




Aha education*- Aha education is India’s most innovative school partner organization which aims to make School and life an aha experience having advisory board from Finland

This year for the first time aha introduced the most engaging and innovative Online Teacher Special award. The contest was about nominating teachers who have been using innovative tools or effective methods to engage the students online.

Shubhi Garg of Cambridge International Davps,Pushpanjali Enclave is among the 217 winners of Aha award. She got a Hard copy of the book titled as ‘Stop teaching Start transforming‘ and 10,000 worth clazzup credit for the school. Clazzup is an online school platform like WhatsApp where creating periods, assignments and collaborating is as easy as WhatsApp communication.

Shubi Garg AHA AWARD

10,000 Clazzup points and a book as a Reward


Navya Bhasin of Class VIII, Cambridge International, DAVPS, Pushpanjali Enclave created a website. She is among 20% of the students to successfully complete the WhiteHat Jr Artificial Intelligence coding Curriculum Trial.

The link for the website is:






Dated: 29.1.2020 Cir. No. 40

Dear Parent

          • The Final Term examination will commence from 29th February, 2020. The date sheet for regular exam schedule and checkpoint examination for Class V & VIII is attached. Please note the following points:

          • Timings of the school from 17.2.2020 to 13.3.2020 will be 7:50am to 12:10pm. Students of Pre-School & students of Pre-Primary will follow usual time of 8:30am to 12:50pm/1:30pm.

          • Class I, II will be working as per time specified (7:50am to 12:10pm) till 13.3.20.

          • Result of Classes PS-IV, VI-VII will be declared on 28.3.2020(8:00am to 10:00am).

          • Result of Class V, VIII will be declared on 14.4.2020 (8:00am to 9:00am).

          • Class IX section will be given on the day of result(14.04.2020)

          • Class V, VIII will get a diagnostic Individual learners’ response, average and comparative performance, cumulative frequency graphs from Cambridge Assessment International Education besides, the Final Term Report Card.

          • COMPULSORY: Block teaching for Class V, VIII Check Point Examination will be from 30th March, 2020 from 8:00am to 11:00am. Parents have to drop and pick the child.

          • New session will begin from 30th March, 2020 for Class PS , I to VIII and 3rd April, 2020 for Class Pre Primary.

          • 27th and 28th February, 2020 will be Preparatory holiday for Class V to VIII.

          • 29th February, 2020 will be Preparatory holiday for Class III & IV.

    • Book sets and stationary can be purchased from the canteen on 28th March, 2020 after the result.

Wishing the very best to the students!



30 schools participated in the competition 'Collins Scrabble For Schools-Championship 2019' for Classes 6th to 8th, where Sayna Bhutani of DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, PUSHPANJALI ENCLAVE Class 8 won the First Runner up position.



Date: 25th October, 2019

DAV PS, CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL WING bagged prizes in following Categories:

EVENT-1: Rhymo Mania(Class Nursery & Pre-Primary)

1st Position

Names of the Students:

1. Advit Khandelwal(Pre-School)

2. Kshrija Srivastava (Pre-Primary)

EVENT-2: Techno Dance(Class 1)

2nd Position

Names of the Students:

1. Aarush Thakur

2. Vidhit Kathpalia

3. Arunima Saraf

4. Vidya

EVENT-3: Techno Smart(Class 2)

1st Position

Names of the Students:

1. Aarika Malik (Class 2)

2. Saanvi Tiwari (Class 2)

EVENT-6: Historicity (Class 6)

2nd Position

Names of the Students:

1. Aarav Shokeen(Class 6)

2. Jhanvi Bajaj (Class 6)

EVENT-8: 3D Modelling(Class 7& 8)

1st Position

Names of the Students:

1. Ayushman (Class 7)

2. Aditya Vikram(Class 8)

INTER SCHOOL AURA (19th October 2019)




DAV PS, CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL WING bagged prizes in following Categories:

Ist Prize

Event: X Calibre

1. Somnath(Class PS)

2. Adhyan Madan (Class PP)

3. Deepti(Class I)

4. Aayana Aggarwal (Class II)

5. Sahaj Mittal (Class II)

6. Jayant Prakash Gupta(Class II)

Online Competition

II nd Prize

Event: Indigenous Splash

1. Gunika Narang(Class I-A)

2. Lakshit Goyal(Class II-A)

II nd Prize

Event: Element Sales Brochure

1. Ishika Sangari(Class IV-A)

2. Vivaan Gupta(Class III-A)

3. Mayank Kumar Jena(Class V-A)

4. Kashika Batra(Class VI-A)


We, at DAV Pushpanjali recognize that global issues are an important part of the lives of our students living in a world where awareness, celebration of cultural diversity and promotion of cross cultural understanding is of utmost importance. The global issues help students in focusing their minds on sustainable development, world peace, equity, human rights, social justice and globalization there by increasing the school campus beyond the school boundary.

CAMBRIDGE segment of DAV Pushpanjali, under the aegis of Pen friends from Cambridge, is partner with 5 international schools from different countries as varied as Ha Noi (Vietnam ), Coronel Du Graty (Argentina), Ensenada (Argentina), San Pedro Huaquilpan (Mexico), Bologna (Italy)

Keeping in mind, exchange of peace and cultural views between the students of different countries, students of Cambridge Segment exchanged Christmas Day Celebration and Earth Day cards with students of Scula Media Guinizelli (Italy), Summerhill Institute (Mexico), Chu Van An Primary School (Vietnam) and in return our segment received cards from Chu Van An Primary School (Vietnam)



Date: 7th August, 2018

DAVPS Pushpanjali Enclave(PRIMUS)

MOTHER’S DAY(2018-19)

Dear Mother

As our tradition has been every year, to acknowledge the role and contribution of a mother in our life by organizing an event where they showcase their hidden and exceptional talent. This year too, we are celebrating this special occasion and invite entries by the mothers of the wing. The detail about the same is as follows:

1. The parent mother of Class PS to VIII, will record any one of these a song, a solo dance, preparation of a fireless recipe ,a short story ,a piece of art, best out of waste, a meditation session, aerobics or yoga and mail the entry at the respective class teacher’s e-mail id or whatsapp at 9654985509.

2. The duration of the recorded video should only be within 3-4 min.

3. Recording must be done at home. Studio recording will not be accepted.

4. The participants must introduce in one line by giving her name and names of the children studying in respective Primus Classes.

5. Judgment will be done on the basis of clarity, confidence and innovation.

6. Result will be declared in one of the functions during the year in the presence of all.

Please mail or whatsapp your entries on/before 15th May ,2018.

Let us use technology as a platform to exhibit our hidden talent and best personality traits.