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Good morning Charles,

I got a brain storm today, I was looking into getting one of these:

It attaches to your RV toilet to help spray down the bowl after going #2.  They run about $50, but  the part I did not like about it is that they are in line after the toilet valve so they would only work while you were actually flushing (waisting more water).  Then I read where a guy just uses a regular spray bottle.  So I was making up a spray bottle to keep under the sink in the RV bath for this purpose and that's when I got the brainstorm.  I added a cap full of Calgon (yes, kind of strong) to the spray bottle and then filled it with water.  I set it on "stream" and tried it on the toilet bowl.

Works great!!  The Calgon and water blast the bowl clean, it smells good, makes the bowl surface slippery for the next use and I believe will lubricate the knife valve in the toilet too!!

This is a win win deal and I plan to use it from now on after every flush.  If you think this idea has merit please feel free to add it to your GEO method as another positive side use.  I always use a cap full when washing the cars too as you suggested years ago.

Take care,  Gary