A Comparative Investigation of Popular Brand Relationship Types
Analyzing the Impact of Online Services on the Consumer-Brand Relationship
Brand Love: Antecedents and Consequences
Brand Relationship Quality as a Formative Third-Order Construct: Findings of a Cross-Industry Study in the German Consumer Market
Brands Are Like Friends: Goals and Interpersonal Motives Influence Attitudes Toward Preferred Brands
Consuming “Wannabes”: Towards an Understanding of Relationship Formation Between Consumption Communities and Aspiring Celebrities
Everything I Want to Be: Customer Chemistry and Identity Construction
Friends or Freeloaders? To What Degree Should Brands and Consumers Entertain the Concept of Mitigating Losses, When Relations Sour?
How Parasocial Love Drives Brand Relationships
How Parasocial Love Drives Brand Relationships
How Relationships with Consumer Ad Creators Develop and Affect Viewer Response
Influence of Customers’ Relational Models on Responses to Service Failure
Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Kevin Lane Keller
Love Actually? Investigating Consumers’ Brand Love
Multiple Endorsements and Consumer-Human Brand Attachment
Relationship Anxiety, In-Group Identity and Brand Relationships
Self-Identity and Brand Choice: A Brand Relationship Perspective
Social Consumer Evolution and Embedded Learning
The Antecedents and Consequences of Brand Forgiveness
The Brand Avoidance Relationship: Exploring Consumer Motivations
The Brand Love Relationship: Its Nature and Consequences
The Effect of Social and Psychological Brand Identification on Brand Attachment: Moderator Effect of Consumer Self Esteem
The Effects of Perceived Value, Brand Relationship, and Brand Love on Loyalty Intentions: An Empirical Study
The Lived Experience of Brand Flings
The Lived Experience of Brand Flings
Tribal Passion and the Harley-Davidson Phenomenon: HOGs Down Under
Will They Stay or Will They Go? The Role of Affective Commitment in Consumer Responses to Negative Brand Information
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