Biodegradable Metals

- Biodegradable Mg alloys

- Mechanical Property Evaluations

- Cytotoxicity Evaluations

- Long Term Clinical Trials

Laser based Surface Modification

- Femtosecond Laser Nanopatterning on 3D curved surface

- Functional Surface Patterning of Biomedical Devices (IOL, Stent, Screw, etc)

- Nanosecond Laser Surface Texturing

- Nanosecond Laser-induced Synthesis and Coating Method

Biomimetic Cell Culture Method

- Physical Stimuli for Cell Function Control

- Modelling & experimental determination of H2O2 diffusion behavior by analyzing non-steady state diffusion in lab-on-chip devices

Functional Biomedical Devices

- Orthopedic device - Metallic stent - Ophthalmic device

- Fatigue resistant NiTi, CoCr Tube - Low susceptibility Ti composite

Organ on a chip

- Cancer metastasis model for drug delivery

- Artificial human tissue chip for environmental toxicology (Ecotox-on-a-chip)

- Vascular bed model

Biomimetic Materials

- Biomimetic materials for biological and energy application

- Artificial Enzyme, Reactive oxygen species involved system

- Electrochemical evaluation of biological phenomena