What We Do 

Our group is working on the generation of new functional biomaterials including metal, ceramic, polymer, and hybrid material via precision processing, thereafter, functionalization of the biomaterials by nano/micro physical/chemical patterning on the surface, finally development innovative biomedical devices, such as orthopedic biodegradable metal implant, biodegradable cardiovascular/urology metal stent, functional intraocular lens/contact lens, and so on. IBPL is also studying tissue engineering on the cell-materials interface and biomicrosystem/bioreactor/perfusion system for tissue regeneration.

Our Mission

Development of total solutions based on biomaterials for recovering injured or disabled tissues/organs and preventing human diseases with creative ideas and convergent technologies.

Research Details - Biodegradable Metals

- Biodegradable Mg alloys

- Mechanical Property Evaluations

- Cytotoxicity Evaluations

- Clinical Trials

Research Details - Laser based Functionalization 

- Femtosecond Laser Nanopatterning

- Laser Surface Hardening

- Functional Surface Patterning of Biomedical Devices

Research Details - Biomedical Devices 

- Orthopedic device   - Metallic stent  - Ophthalmic device
- Fatigue resistant NiTi, CoCr Tube
- Low susceptibility Ti composite
- Perfusion cell culture system

Research Details -  Bio-mimetic Materials

- Biomimetic materials for biological and energy application

- Electrochemical evaluation of biological phenomena

- Reactive oxygen species involved system.

- Artifical Enzyme 

Research Details - Atomic-scale Analysis and Evaluation

Finite element analysis

Bone quality analysis

Cryo FIB, TEM analysis

- In vivo & In vitro test

- Live cell imaging

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