Dr. Seok, Hyun-Kwang, 
Principal Research Scientist
Head of Center for Biomaterials, KIST
Tel ) 02-958-6738
Research Area : Biodegradable Metal
Dr. Kim, Yu-Chan
Principal Research Scientist
Tel ) 02-958-5457
E-mail ) chany@kist.re.kr
Research Area :Biodegradable Metal
Dr. Jeon, Hojeong
Principal Research Scientist
Tel ) 02-958-5140
E-mail ) jeonhj@kist.re.kr
Research Area : Material-Cell Interface, Control of Cell Functions, 3D Tissue Fabrication, Laser Patterning
Dr. Ok, Myoung-Ryul 
Senior Research Scientist
Tel ) 02-958-5470
E-mail ) omr2da@kist.re.kr
Research Area :  Nanomaterials, Biomaterials, Softlithography