B.S. (Intern) Park, Jin-Hee
Research Area : ROS mediate, Electrochemistry  
Current Address : N/A

M.S. Kim, Won-Joo
Research Area : PEO coating, Metal corrosion
Current Address : N/A

M.S. Han, Ji Hye-Ro
Research Area : Biodegradable metal
Current Address : U& I Company

M.S. Lee, Hyun Jung 
Research Area : Gene analysis, Microfludic chips
Current Address : N/A

M.S. Kwon, Chung-A
Research Area :Cell migration, PCO
Current Address : Ph.D. course in KIST-Europe

M.S. Noh, Hyeong-Jin
Research Area :  Alloy design for biodegradable metals
Current Address : U&I company

M.S. Park, Jae-Ho
Research Area : Surface heating treatment, Laser patterning
Current Address : N/A

M.S. Um, Ji-Hye
Research Area : Analysis of Mg alloy
Current Address : CG Bio

M.S. Jeon, Jin-Kyung
Research Area : Nano patterning, ROS mediate
Current Address : Future Bioworks

M.S. Kim, Hui-Gyeong
Research Area : Biodegradable Mg
Current Address : N/A

M.S. Lee, Seon-Hui
Research Area : Biodegradable Mg
Current Address : N/A

Dr. Lee, Eo-Jin
Research Area : Oncology, Cell Biology
Current Address : Interpark

Dr. Ahn, Jin-Ok
Research Area : Veterinary medicine, Oncology, Mesenchymal stem cell
Current Address : Staff, Seoul National University, Department of Veterinary Medicine 
Dr. Jun, Indong 
Research Area : Controllable cell functions via topographical patterns
Current Address : Post-doc, Oxford University

M.S. Kim, Saeromi
Research Area : Functional Intraocular lens
Current Address : N/A

M.S. Park, Minjung 
Research Area : Degradation control with NADH
Current Address : N/A