Park, Kyung-Won, Research Scientist

Tel ) 02-958-5421

MIT. Ph.D course

Dr. SeoYoungmin, Post Dr.
Tel ) 02-958-5434
E-mail )

Research Area : Anti-bacterial nano-materials




Han, Hyung-Seop,  Research Scientist

Tel ) 02-958-5347

Research Area: Biodegradable Metals, Biomaterials, Biomechanics

University of Oxford. Ph.D course  


Park, Jimin, Research Scientist
Tel ) 02-958-5375

Research Area : 1) Bio-mimetic materials for biological and energy application 2) Atomic-scale analysis and electrochemical evaluation of biological phenomena 3) Bio-degradable device

MIT, Ph.D course

Seo, Hyunseon,  Research Scientist

Tel ) 02-958-5329

Research Area Implantable electronics, Biodegradable electronics, Biomaterials