Challenge Based Learning is an engaging multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems through efforts in their homes, schools and communities.  Learn about transforming your educational environment and producing higher learning outcomes with Challenge Based Learning.

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 I.  Welcome
        A.  Materials
        B.  Goals
    II.  Why Challenge Based Learning?
        A.  Learners Today

        B.  On Challenges
    III. Where did CBL come from?
        A.  ACOT2 - Design Principles
        B.  CBL Pilot
        C.  CBL Implementation project
    IV.  What is Challenge Based Learning?
    V.  Challenge Based Learning in action
            A.  Examples of Challenges
            B.  FAQs
            C.  CBL at OHS
    VI.  Teaching with CBL
            A.  Toolkit Session #1: 
Setting the Stage
                    - Technology Tools for CBL
                    - Apps for CBL
            B.  Toolkit Session #2:  Collaborative Environment
            C.  Toolkit Session #3:  Media Production and Publishing
            D.  Toolkit Session #4:  Reflections and Assessment
    VII.  How can we apply CBL to our educational environments?
            A.  Let's Frame a Challenge!
            B.  Global Challenges
            C.  Making change happen

    VIII. How can we continue to learn with CBL?
            A.  CBL Community
            B.  iTunes U
            C.  #CBLearn