International Workshop on 
Collaborative Big Data (C-Big 2014)
October 22, 2014    Miami, Florida, US
In conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on 

The ability to collect, analyze, and integrate data from large number of diverse data sources has offered unprecedented opportunities to study human behaviors and their relationship to various types of systems and services that enable collaboration, coordination and communication among individuals and groups. How can we efficiently utilize these data to support better decision-making, improve business intelligence, enable new knowledge discovery, and understand the needs for collaboration systems and services?

The C-Big 2014 workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to share their experiences on creating, collecting, managing, handling and learning various types of Collaborative Big Data, including data collected through social media platforms, scholarly collaboration databases, crowdsourcing, or through efforts of different organizations. Our aim is to foster an interdisciplinary research conversation about issues, challenges, solutions, and potential benefits relating to Collaborative Big Data, among diverse fields ranging from data storage, networking, database management, data mining, knowledge discovery, to information visualization, retrieval, integration, security and privacy.