Fighting the Good Fight-The Right to Vote

Webquest for Women's Suffrage-11th Grade U.S. History

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Watch the Video, "Women Win the Right to Vote in the United States: at

From the History Channel watch a video clip of Maya Angleou on the Women's Movement. Be patient. Wait for the commercials to stop and video will begin click on link

Watch three videos from YouTube. The first video is a reenactment bio of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her fight for Women's Suffrage found at

The second video is titled Profile of a Giant: Elizabeth Cady Stanton click on

also watch Profile of a Giant: Susan B. Anthony video at

American Women's History: A Research Guide A huge reference site devoted to women's history. We as a class want to research in the Primary Source documents: containing digital collections found at suffrage.html#netsites

suffrage.html#netsites Pick anything that looks interesting! Vocabulary is adult.

The Internet Modern History Sourcebook from Fordham University found at

has a section from selected newspaper articles from the New York Times 1919-1920 about the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment. Read the articles. Vocabulary is for older students.

Look at the Library of Congress American Memory Collection at and Time Line: One Hundred Years toward Suffrage both have extensive timeline of events, plus photographs. this next link details the National Women's Party found at Make sure you explore all three links.

Check out the National Archives found at Go to middle of page look under documents. These are the orginal documents including a copy of the resolution to begin the process of adding an amendment to the Constitution, read the ratification of the 19th Amendment and read the petition from Susan B. Anthony to Congress.

Use this next link to read an short history of Women's Suffrage. Also, read Effie's story at the right hand side of the page click link. Click on each section. This is a first hand account of Effie and her experience at voting for the first time found at

The Learning Page from the Library of Congress. Read "Her Story" and listen to "Daughters of Freedom" at

Read about the key players in the Women's Suffrage Movement at Also read the article, "Voices of 1920 Heard Today" and listen to the interviews of several women who were active in the movement. The interviews are after the article, just scroll downwards.

Read the article, "Alice Paul's Fight for Suffrage" from at

Explore the Women's Rights National Historic Park website. Read about the first women's right convention held in Seneca Falls, N.Y. Also, read the Declaration of Sentiments by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Vocabulary is adult found at

Use this link to Access quiz one:

Use this link to Access quiz two:

Use this link to Access quiz three: