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Super CoCo EEPROM 512K Project at a Glance:

The final board design has been received and tested.  I have updated photos and information on the EEPROM board page and the controller page.  I will be ordering batches of PCB's as needed and intend to keep a small supply on hand.
  • Uses 29EE010 (128K), 29EE020 (256K) EEPROM or 28SF040/29F040 type 512K chips.
  • Up to 16 x 32K, 32 x 16K banks, 64 x 8K  or whatever combination you can fit.
  • Can be controlled by onboard jumpers or external controller.
  • Will support large .BIN files when using my MultiBank ROM Builder tool and the external controller.
  • PCB still fits Radio Shack game cartridge housings with proper mounting screw alignment
  • Will be made in 2 versions: PDIP-32 package and PLCC32 package
See bottom of 'CoCo EPROM/EEPROM Controller' page on the left for the 
LCD Controller Arduino Sketch and the Multi Bank ROM Builder tool downloads.

Arduino Pro-Mini Clone/BootLoader Shield

Version 1.0.2 of these boards has been received and tested.  Issues with the TX/RX LED's interfering with the sketch loading process have been eliminated!
  • Allows quick and easy way to flash bootloaders to your DIP Atmega328P
  • In 'bootloader' mode, mounts as a shield to a ProMini that has the bootloading sketch.
  • No jumper wires required for bootloading/sketch loading.
  • Onboard L7805 regulator provides up to 100mah current for the cicuit when powered from 9-12VDC source
  • On board LED indicators for:  POWER, RX0, TX1, 13
  • Diode to protect the L7805/Atmega from reverse polarity at the RAW/GND points.