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Fall School Class Schedule

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(D – Daisy, B – Brownie, J – Junior, T – Teens, A – Adult)

          Note – Zip Line is not available at this time – it is off line.


            ABCs of the Bronze Award – Learn the ABCs and 123s involved in having your girls earn the Bronze

            Award, from the beginning of the process to the awarding of the award.  Bring something to write on,

            something to write with, and a positive attitude towards learning.

            Saturday                Pavilion A                     3:15-4:15                                                    J-A


            Archery For Certification – Learn how to set up and operate a safe short program, maintain equipment, and

            create fun games for new archers.  No previous experience is required.  Successful completion of the course

            will result in a GSCB Archery Certification card.  There is a cost of $30.00 for the certification.

            Sunday                   Pavilion B                     9:00 – 12:00                                               J-T-A


            Archery For Fun – Enjoy the companionship of other Girl Scout leaders as you hone and practice your

            archery skills.  Learn from each other and challenge yourself!

            Saturday                Pavilion B                      5:30-5:30                                                   A


            Arm Knitting – Learn how to knit a really cool scarf using your arms.  Bring 2 coarse, heavy weight yarn


            Saturday                PC Fire Circle               10:15-11:15                                                 B-J-T-A


            A Rose For My Lady – Make an enchanting rose (or other flower) LED tea-light.  Beautiful as a nightlight or

            table decoration for evening events, ceremonies, etc.  Bring a low temp glue gun with extra glue sticks,    

            scissors, and needle nose pliers.

            Saturday                Pavilion A                     9:00-10:00                                                 J-T-A


            Basic Backpacking – Learn the dos and don’ts of backpacking.  Find out how to fit yourself for an

            appropriate backpack, what to take on a typical trip, how to pack in and pack out.  Learn about

            a variety of areas to take your troop on that first backpacking adventure.

            Saturday                Tall Timbers                 10:15-11:15                                                 J-T-A

            Saturday                Tall Timbers                 11:30-12:30                                                J-T-A


            Between Earth And Sky GSCB Daisy/Brownie Journey Kit – Receive training in the new GSCB Journey kit which  

            will be available to rent for use with your troop.  Training includes hands-on STEM activities which support the


            Saturday                PC3                                    3:15-4:15                                                          D-B


            Boating on the Lake – Have fun on the lake either kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, or paddle  

            board jousting.  This is not an instructional course, so experience is necessary.  However, an instructor will

            be present and must supervise launching and landing of the water craft and supervise the taking out and  

            putting away of equipment.  Therefore, there are two launch times – 10:00-11:00 and 11:00–12:00.              

            Participants are welcome to stay for both hours.  Bring water shoes (no flip-=slops or crocks but can be old 

            sneakers), towel, sunscreen, hat, and water bottle.  Please write in preference for the above activities.

            Sunday                   Boathouse                    9:00-12:00                                                 A


            Camping Girl Scout Song Fun – Come have fun learning camp and Girl Scout songs to teach your girls so

            your campfires are not silent.  Bring your voice.

            Saturday                Shady Cove                        12:45-1:45                                                        D-B-J-T-A


            Candle Stamping – Learn how to make interesting art on a candle.  It’s easy and simple.  All supplies are

            provided.  Nothing to bring.

            Saturday                   PC3                                    9:00-10:00                                                       T-A


            Candle Transfer – Bring your creative ideas and put them on a candle!  Share your ideas with others. 

            Bring a plain white candle if any size.

            Saturday                PC1                              4:30-5:30                                                   D-B-J-T


            Catapults – Learn how to make a simple catapult that launches cotton balls.  Set up tournament with

            your scouts and have a blast!

            Saturday                Canvasback                   11:30-12:30                                                D-B-J-T-A


            Catholic Girl Scout Awards – Come learn about the Catholic awards available to girls of all ages

            within the Girl Scout Program.  Find out what they are, how to apply, how to guide the girls through

            them, and where to get more information.

            Saturday                Canvasback                   12:45-1:45                                                  B-J-T-A


            Celtic Knots – Come learn to tie intricate, yet easy, knots that are decorative and multifunctional.  Bring

            nimble fingers as you learn the history and meaning of these beautiful knots.

            Saturday                Pavilion A                     10:15-11:15                                                 J-T-A

            Saturday                Pavilion A                     11:30-12:30                                                J-T-A


            Crowns, Circlets, and Clasps – Test your skill at using wire, beads, and baubles to create

            Renaissance style jewelry.  Bring your own beads and jewelry tools if you own them.

            Saturday                Lakeview                       2:00-3:00                                                   J-T-A

            Sunday                   PC3                                    10:15-11:15                                                       J-T-A


            Crystal Ball Snow Globes – Create a lovely snow globe for any occasion.  Decoration inside can be for

            any holiday or event.  Glue gun is used.  Bring a small jar with lid and small decoration of your choice.

            Saturday                Choptank                      9:00-10:00                                                 D-B-J-T

            Saturday                Choptank                      2:00-3:00                                                   D-B-J-T


            Dark Arts Watercolors – Create watercolor pictures with natural dyes – easy – fun to do – you will be

            surprised.  Bring watercolor paint brushes. 

            Saturday                Pavilion A                     12:45-1:45                                                  D-B-J-T-A

            Sunday                   PC1                               9:00-10:00                                                 D-B-J-T-A


            Dinner With the “Maidens of Yore” – Let’s Roast that’s Dragon! – Come join your fellow maidens for

            a feast fit for a Queen (or a King) that will everyone will help to prepare.  Bring a hearty appetitie and

            a mess kit)

            Saturday                Canvasback                   3:15-7:00                                                   D-B-J-T-A


            Easy Soap Making – Fun and easy project for you to learn to teach your girls.  Make different shaped

            soaps – great for Christmas or Mother’s Day raft because they can give the soap as gifts.  Bring a

            plastic bag to take your soaps home in.

            Saturday                Lakeview                       9:00-10:00                                                 D-B-J

            Saturday                Lakeview                       12:45-1:45                                                  D-B-J


            Encampment Roundtable – Come learn some of the ins and outs of planning and executing an Encampment.

            Share the good and not-so-good tricks with participants.  Get ideas about themes and resources.

            Saturday                Shady Cove                        10:15-11:15                                                       D-B-J-T-A

            Sunday                   Tall Timbers                 9:00-10:00                                                 D-B-J-T-A


            Feast Of The Beast – Come ye hungry people.  Enjoy good food and drinks!  No negatives or face the

            rack.  Full bellies all around.  You need to bring a mess kit, potholders, and a hot/cold cup.

            Saturday                Tall Timbers                 3:15-7:00                                                   A


            First Aid Certification – Here is your opportunity to earn and/or renew your First Aid/CPR/IED certification.

            Get the basics that are required to be a Girl Scout Leader.  There is an additional cost of $40.00.

            Sunday                   Choptank                9:00 – 12:00                                                     A


            Flower Fairies – Learn to make Fairies from faux flowers and pipe cleaners.  It’s easy and fun to do.

            Bring scissors, needle and thread, pipe cleaners, faux flowers, and fine sharpies (black). 

            Sunday                   PC2                              9:00-10:00                                                             D-B-J


            F.O.B. – Come join us in learning how to keep your sanity at camp with the girls.  You need to be an

            overnight camper to participate and know how to put your feet on the bed ! ! !

            Saturday                PC Fire Circle         3:15-4:15                                                          A


            Geocaching – Come learn the skill of geocaching and find your way through the course at Camp Todd.

            Lots of fun and easy to learn.  Participants should download the “Geocaching Intro” app by

            Groundspeak, Inc., if they have a smart phone.

            Saturday                Pavilion B                2:00-3:00                                                         B-J-T-A


            Get Moving GSCB Junior Journey Kit – Receive training in the new GDCB Journey kit which will be

            available to rent for use with your troop.  Training includes hands on STEM activities which support

            the Journey.

            Saturday                PC3                              12:45-3:00                                                             J


            Glass Etching – Come learn how to make permanent design on glasses or glass items.  Makes great gifts.

            Saturday                Tall Timbers           9:00-10:00                                                       A


            Girl Scout Religious Awards – Come learn about the Religious awards available to girls of all ages

            within the Girl Scout Program.  Find out what they are, how to apply, how to guide the girls through

            them, and where to get more information.

            Saturday                Canvasback             2:00-3:00                                                         B-J-T-A


            Hair Bows – Learn how to make simple hair-bows.  Girls will not only love making them, but they will love

            wearing them! 

            Saturday                PC2                              11:30-12:30                                                            D-B-J-T

            Sunday                   PC1                         10:15-11:15                                                       D-B-J-T


            Hiking 101 – Come learn all about hiking – how to organize one, safely execute one, safety procedures, how to

            handle getting lost.  So all of this while taking a hike and learning about some of the flora and fauna in the


            Saturday                Adventure Trail      10:15-11:15                                                       D-B-J-T-A

            Saturday                Adventure Trail      2:00-3:00                                                         D-B-J-T-A


            Hobo Bags with A Dash Of Girl Scout Tales! – There are over 100 things that a bandana can be used for. 

            Come learn about one of those uses by creating a Hobo Bag from a bandana and listening to a myriad of

            Girl Scout stories and lore! 

            Saturday                Tall Timbers           12:45-1:45                                                        D-B-J-T-A       

            Saturday                Tall Timbers           2:00-3:00                                                         D-B-J-T-A


            How To Plan A Flag Retirement Ceremony – What happens when the American Flag becomes worn or torn?  

            Learn how to plan a Flag Retirement Ceremony for your girls.  The participants in this class will help in leading 

            the Flag Retirement Ceremony on Sunday morning at 8:30 A.M.

            Saturday                Shady Cove                  4:30-5:30                                                               A

            (do it Sunday)


            I’ll Have A Green Christmas – Learn how to sew simple gift bags for Christmas that are reusable every

            year.  Never buy wrapping paper again!  Save trees!  Save postage on shipping gifts without boxes.  Use

            resources wisely.  Bring something about the size and shape of a typical gift in their household sweater,

            shirt, or jewelry box,

            Saturday                PC2                              10:15-11:15                                                             D


            Interfaith Service – Join us at the Beach Sunday morning for a brief interfaith service.  In case of

            rain we will meet in the troop house of Tall Timbers.

            Sunday                   Boathouse              8:00-8:30                                                         A

                                          Rain Site Tall Timbers


            Junior Round Table – Need to know about the Junior Program?  Need to vent or complain?  Come one,

            come all and let your voice be heard.  Talk with other leaders and find out how we can provide a good,

            fun, quality program for our Junior Girl Scouts.  Bring something to write on, something to write with,

            and a positive attitude towards exchanging information and fellowship with other adult leaders.

            Saturday                Pavilion A               4:30-5:30                                                         J-A


            Lavender Nosegay – create this cute lavender nosegay to keep you or your belongings smelling good!  Bring

            ¼” ribbon spool.

            Saturday                Shady Cove                  11:30-12:30                                                            J-T-A


           Leading The Girls To The Highest Awards - Join us to learn about the Silver and Gold awards for girls.  This is 

           an adult version of the training that the girls receive for the highest awards.  Project ideas, service projects vs.

           take action projects, and can and can’t dos will be covered.

           Saturday                 PC1                         9:30-11:15                                                        T-A                             


            Legos – Do you listen?  Do you take direction?  This is a team building activity that you can take back to ]    

            your Service Team, your troop, or even your work team.

            Saturday                PC2                              3:15-4:15                            10 minimum                   B-J-T-A


            Letterboxing – Come learn the fine art of Letterboxing and discover the new course at Camp Todd

            created by a Chesapeake Bay Girl Scout Troop.  Participants need to bring a compass, small notebook,

            pen, and a small ink pad.

            Saturday                Pavilion B                10:15-11:15                                                       B-J-T-A


            Line Dancing – Wander over and have a blast learning various types of line dancing or just have fun

            dancing the hour away with new and old friends.  So much fun !

            Saturday                Pavilion A               2:00-3:00                                                         D-B-J-T-A


            Loom Knitting – Learn how to knit with round looms – simple, easy to carry with you and do in your spare

            time,  and easy to teach the skill to our scouts.  Bring yarn and a round loom if you have one (limited n

            number of looms available).  We will be making premie hat as a Fall School Service Project.

            Saturday                PC Fire Circle         9:00-10:00                                                       D-B-J-T-A

            Saturday                PC Fire Circle         11:30-12:30                                                      D-B-J-T-A

            Saturday                PC Fire Circle         2:00-3:00                                                         D-B-J-T-A

            Sunday                   PC2                              10:15-11:15                                                             D-B-J-T-A


            Love Food?  Love Honey? – Come learn about the benefits and uses of honey.  Learn about crafts as well as

            how to incorporate honey into foods.  There will be plenty to eat.

            Saturday                Choptank                12:45-1:45                                                        C-B-J-T-A       


            Maryland  Critters – Puzzled about some of the “critters” we come across camping at our Maryland camps? 

            Learn what they are and how to identify them in this fun class.

            Saturday                Shady Cove                  2:00-3:00                                                               D-B-J-T-A

            Saturday                Shady Cove                  3:15-4:15                                                                D-B-J-T-A


            Medieval Belts – Learn how to make very cool belts that can be used for any occasion.  No fuss, no muss –

            easy to teach – and cheap to make.  Bring scissors.

            Saturday                Shady Cove                  9:00-10:00                                                             D-B-J-T


            Mini-Torches – In medieval times or an unplugged night with your girls, how are you going to see?  Candles!

            Come learn an easy way to make them!  Bring 1 lb. of paraffin wax.

            Saturday                Choptank                11:30-12:30                                                      D-B-J-T-A

            Saturday                Choptank                3:15-4:15                                                          D-B-J-T-A


            More Fun With Decoupaging – Learn about and create fun projects you do at home or with your troop.

            Bring scissors, fabric scraps small pictures (1X1), tissue paper scraps.

            Saturday                PC1                         2:00-3:00                                                         B-J-T-A


            Paper Embossing – Come and have a great time learning 2 different types of embossing on paper for

            cards or for scrapbooking. 

            Saturday                PC2                              12:45-1:45                                                              J-T-A


            Paper FlowersMake 3 different kinds of paper flowers that can be used by themselves, together, or

            in other crafts.  Have fun and relax !  Bring scissors, paper (scrapbook, old magazines).

            Saturday                PC2                              9:00-10:00                                                             D-B-J-T-A


            Pennant and Proclamations – Use the symbols of heraldry and illuminated script on hand-aged paper to

            create a crest or other decoration.  Bring your own genealogical info for a more authentic shield.

            Saturday                Lakeview                 10:15-11:15                                                       T-A

            Saturday                Lakeview                 11:30-12:30                                                      T-A


            Service Project – Here is your chance to do something for Camp Todd.  As Girl Scouts we always

            leave a place better than we find it.  As campers, we always do a camp service project for the camp.

            Sign up to do some necessary work for the camp as directed by Ranger Bob.

            Sunday                   PC Fire Circle         9:00-10:00                                                       A

            Sunday                   PC Fire Circle         10:15-11:15                                                       A


            Soap Making – Bathing in medieval times had no dove bars.  How did they survive?  Come join us and learn

            how to make your own personalized soap.  Bring 1 lb. of glycerin soap.

            Saturday                Choptank                10:15-11:15                                                       D-B-J-T-A

            Saturday                Choptank                4:30-5:30                                                         c-B-J-T-A


            Spa Day Fun – You will learn about relaxing techniques for girls, make home made recipes for facials

            to lip balms.  There will be crafts and games.  You will need to bring crystal light pack or koolaide,

            empty jar with lid, marker and travel size or regular size listorine.

            Saturday                Lakeview                 3:15-4:15                                                          D-B-J-T-A

            Saturday                Lakeview                 4:30-5:30                                                         D-B-J-T-A


            Stamping Fun – Come make stamped home décor.  We will make candles and coasters, and one other

            surprise craft.  Bring a heat gun if you have one.

            Saturday                PC3                              10:15-12:30                                                            D-B-J-T-A


            Survival 101  -   Love the Survival Series?  This class will give you ideas and the tools to teach girls of

            all ages and grades simple survival tricks.

            Saturday                Canvasback             9:00-10:00                                                       D-B-J-T-A

            Saturday                Canvasback             10:15-11:15                                                       D-B-J-T-A


            Tie Dying – Tie Dying on your own time.  This will be available in the picnic area in front of the

            Program Center all day.  If you have some time, come create a medieval shirt as a memory of this

            fabulous event.  Bring a shirt or any other item (bandana, hat, whatever) to work your creative

            wonders.  Not necessary to register for this.

            Saturday                PC Fire Circle area       all day                                                        A


            Tile Charges – Learn how to create beautiful tile charges.  Change your décor by learning this craft.  Easy

            to teach.

            Saturday                PC2                              2:00-3:00                                                               B-J-T-A

            Saturday                PC2                              4:30-5:30                                                               B-J-T-A


            Tulle Tutus – Come learn now to make tulle tutus out of tulle and headbands.  Whether it’s for play, for a

            costume party, or for a dance, this is super easy and fun.  Bring 4 rolls of tulle, any color, a wide

            crocheted headband, and scissors.

            Sunday                   PC3                              9:00-10:00                                                             D-B-J-T


            Twilight Camp – No Vampires Involved – Twilight camp is an evening camp (at twilight) for Girl Scouts.

            Service Unit 1 runs the camp for one week each summer, 2+ hours per evening.  The adults and older

            girls run the camp for the younger girls,  Learn how to set up a Twilight Camp for your Service Unit.  This

            is a great way for Cadettes to earn their Cadette aide Award.  Bring pen and paper.

            Saturday                PC1                         3:15-4:15                                                          D-B-J-T-A


            What’s A Compass – Learn what a compass is ad how to use it for find directions.  Bring something to

            write on, something to write with, and a positive attitude towards learning.

            Saturday                Pavilion B                11:30-12:30                                                      D-B-J-T-A


            Wonders of Water GSCB Brownie Journey Kit – Receive training in the new GSCB Journey kit which

            will be available to rent for use with your troop.  Training includes hands on STEM activities which support the


            Saturday                PC3                              4:30-5:30                                                                           B

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