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Fall School Class Schedule

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(D – Daisy, B – Brownie, J – Junior, T – Teens, A – Adult)

ABCs Of Planning A Troop Meeting – What category best describes your meetings – haphazard or happy?  Come one, come all and see just how easy it is to plan your troop        meetings in order to best administer the Girl Scout program.  Walk away with a plan which           best serves your troop government style.  Bring a pen and pad just in case you want to take    some notes and a positive attitude towards exchanging informati0no and fellowship with         other adult leaders.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            Tall Timbers                                                          D/B/J/T/A

          Sun.             9:00-10:00            Tall Timbers


ABCs Of The Junior Bronze Award – Learn the ABCs and 123s involved in having your girls earn the Bronze award, from beginning of the process to the awarding of the award.  Bring a pen and pad in case you want to take some notes and a positive attitude towards learning.

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            Tall Timbers                                                          J

          Sun.             10:15-11:15            Tall Timbers


A Bird Tea Party – It is always tea time for the birds.  Come and learn how to make bird-delicious suet.  Bring a tea cup or small coffee mug to fill with suet.  

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           Lakeview Lodge                                            D/B/J/T/A

          Sat.             4:30-5:30             Lakeview Lodge


Advanced Friendship Bracelets – Have a blast learning the latest techniques in creating fantastic friendship bracelets.  Great craft for the girls and lots of fun.

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           Whispering Pines                                         J/T/A


Archery For Fun – Come and get some practice or just enjoy getting tips from others and feeling the joy of a good shot ! ! !  

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             Archery Area                                                        A      


Auditor Roundtable – Come learn how to fill out a DCR and to teach leaders to do the same.  Find out some tricks of the trade and some shortcuts.

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             Shady Cove                                                  D-B-J-T-A


Basic Backpacking – Come learn about backpacking - the differences in backpacks and how to select the appropriate one, what to pack, and how to pack.  Bring a pen and pad to take notes and a positive attitude towards learning.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            Pavilion B                                                     D/B/J/T/A

          Sun.             10:15-11:15            Pavilion B              


Basic Cake Decorating – Learn the basics on icing a cake, piping basic designs, simple flowers and shapes to fit all occasions.  Get great ideas to take with.  All supplies are provided. 

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            PC3                                                              B/J/T/A

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            PC3


Bedrolls, Sleeping Bags, And More – Come find out all about sleeping bags and how to pack them.  Learn how to construct a bedroll, an alternative choice to a sleeping bag.  Get some handy hints about how to pack it all in for that fantastic troop camping trip!  All materials will be provided.

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             PC2                                                              D/B/J/T/A


Beginner’s Yoga – Learn a brief history of yoga and its many forms while also learning great stretches for all levels of experience and ages.  Prepare to relax, distress, and meditate.  Bring water, beach size towel, comfortable clothes to stretch in.  A yoga mat is optional.

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             Pavilion B                                                     D/B/J/T/A

          Sun.             9:00-10:00            Pavilion B


Camp Skits – In this class you will learn some new skits to share around the campfire.  Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite skit ideas to share.   Bring a pen and pad to take notes and skits to share if you like.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            PC1                                                              D/B/J/T


Candle Transfers – Learn to transfer images and drawn pictures onto a candle – perfect gift giving idea,  perfect for all ages and occasions. 

          Sat.             2:00-3:00             PC3                                                              D/B/J/T/A


Catholic Religious Awards – Come learn about the special Awards that are available for girls of the Catholic faith and find out where to get the forms, how to apply, and how to earn the award.

          Sat.             4:30-5:30             Canvasback                                                  B/J/T/A


Crafty Candle Making – Come learn how to make really lovely candles and have fun experimenting with some nice scents!  Just bring yourself.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            Choptank Lodge                                            B/J/T/A

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            Choptank Lodge


Daisy/Brownie Leader Training – Come experience the wonderful world of being a Daisy or Brownie Leader.  Council training certificates will be given at the end of the workshop.

          Sat.             9:00-11:15             Pavilion A                                                     D/B

          Sat.             12:45-3:00            Pavilion A    


Daisy Roundtable – “The Garden Of Live Flowers” – Come and join with other Daisy Leaders and earn and share great ways to give this age level a great program.  Participants need to bring smiles and a sense of humor.

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           Pavilion A                                                     D

          Sat.             4:30-5:30             Pavilion A


DIY Bleach T-Shirts – Learn to make fun and easy stencil designs on t-shirts with bleach!  Great for troop shirts, camp shirts, and many more.  Bring a 100% cotton, colored t-shirt – no white shirts.

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           Choptank Lodge                                            B/J/T/A


Drink Me – Come learn about growing, harvesting, and preparing herbs and flowers in you own tea garden.  Enjoy new varieties by signing up for Tea Party In The Woods.  Bring a small cache pot for plant and garden gloves (optional).

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             Whispering Pines                                         A

          Sat.             3:15-4:15               Whispering Pines


Easy Soap Making – Join us and learn how to make 4 pour-soaps which make great gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.  No need to bring a thing.

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             Lakeview Lodge                                            D/B/J/T/A

          Sat.             2:00-3:00             Lakeview Lodge


Fabric Printing – Come learn how to use various objects, utensils, fruits, veggies and our imaginations to print designs on fabric.  Lots of fun.

          Sat.             3:15-5:30              Hideaway                                                     B/J/T/A


First Aid Certification - Here is your opportunity to earn and/or renew your First Aid/CPR/IED certification.  Get the basics that are required to be a Girl Scout Leader. There is an additional cost of $40.00.

          Sun.             9:00-12:00            Choptank Lodge                                            D/B/J/T/A


Flag Ceremonies – Learn about Flag etiquette and ceremonies as you prepare the closing flag ceremony for Saturday’s festivities.  This class will emphasize outdoor ceremonies, but will touch on indoor procedures.

          Sat.             4:30-5:30             PC2                                                              D/B/J/T/A


Flying High – Learn how to guide your girls through the engineering design process to research and develop a fast and accurate paper airplane to compete n the Maryland           Engineering Challenge at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            PC2                                                              D/B/J

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            PC2                                         


Fun With Chocolate – Come on in – by popular demand, we are bringing the chocolate back!  Join us and learn how to make some really cool chocolate creations.  Bring a bowl or container to put your creations in. 

          Sat.             12:45-3:00            Choptank Lodge                                            B/J/T/A

          Sat.             3:15-5:30              Choptank Lodge


Green Christmas – Come and learn how to sew reusable Christmas bags – great for the environment and great for the holidays. Bring something about the size you would like to wrap.

          Sat.             3:15-4:15               Lakeview Lodge                                            J/T/A


Have I Gone Mad? – This class is for volunteers leading girls in grades 6-12.  We will define your role and add new tools to your bag of tricks to help expand their leadership potential.

          Sat.             3:15-5:30              Shady Cove                                                  T


Hearts For The Queen – Come in and learn all about quilling while creating a quilled heart to take home with you.  Bring sharp scissors and a glue stick with you.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            Hideaway                                                     J/T/A

          Sun.             9:00-10:00            Shady Cove


Highest Awards – This is an overview of the Highest Awards in Girl Scouting.  This includes the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and God.  The requirements will be discussed and discussion will be welcomed.  Participants need to bring paper and pen.

          Sat.             2:00-4:15              PC2                                                              J/T


Home Made Pet Toys/Animal Rescue Info – Learn how to make very cool toys for dogs and cats while learning about rescues and the needs of this endeavor.  Bring an old dish towel, an old T-shirt, an empty plastic water bottle, and an empty toilet paper roll.

          Sat.             3:15-4:15               Pavilion A                                                     D/B/J/T/A

          Sun.             9:00-10:00            Pavilion A


Iris Paper Folding – Come learn how to make beautiful art that can be used for card, picture frames, and even quilts!  Participants will create two items.  Bring 4 different colors/patterns of scrapbooking papers, scissors, and glue.  It’s a blast!

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           PC3                                                              A      


Interfaith Service – Join us at the Beach Sunday morning for a brief interfaith service.  In case of rain we will meet in the troop house of Tall Timbers.

          Sun.             8:00-8:30             Boathouse                                                                         


Introduction To Arm Knitting – In this course, students will learn to cast on, knit, and cast off using their arms as knitting needles to create a scarf. The scarf can then be worn as a typical scarf or ends sewn together (will demonstrate) to create an infinity scarf.  Bring 2skeins of bulky or super bulky weight yarn of your choice (the bulkier the yarn, the fullerthe scarf).  Recommend Red Heart Grande (jumbo 7) for a very full scarf or Lion Brand Hometown USA (super bulky 6) or Lion Brand Thick & Quick (super bulky 6) for a good sized scarf.  These are listed as suggestions only.

          Sat.             12:45-3:00            Hideaway                                                     J/T/A

          Sun.             9:00-11:15             PC3


Junior Roundtable – Need to know about the Junior program?  Need to vent?  Need to complain?  Need to see who else is frustrated ?  Got some great ideas?  Come one, come all to the Junior Roundtable and let your voice be heard.  Talk with other leaders and see how we can learn from their experiences to provide a good, fun, quality program for our Junior Girl Scouts.  Bring a pen and pad to take notes and a positive attitude towards exchanging information and fellowship with other adult leaders.

          Sat.             2:00-3:00             Tall Timbers                                                          J

          Sat.             3:15-4:15               Tall Timbers


Kid’s Card Games  - Come and learn a variety of kid’s card games as directed by the Queen of Hearts – good for rainy days at camp as well as for down time at meetings.  No need to bring a thing.

          Sat.             3:15-4:15               PC3                                                              C/B/J/T



Leaf T-Shirts – Use leaves to paint or outline them on a t-shirt.  Learn the technique and           take home a great t-shirt.  Bring a shirt to work with.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            Canvasback                                                  D/B/J/T/A

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            Canvasback


Line Dancing – Come join us for a fun filled hour of learning the steps to some of the most popular line dances.  Great fun and lots of laughs ! ! ! !

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           PC2                                                              C/B/J/T/A


Marble Necklaces – Come make a cute marble/fabric necklace that you can wear or give as a gift.  All materials will be supplied.

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            PC1                                                              B/J/T


Nail Polish Tiaras – Come and find out how to make a beautiful tiara with nail polish and wire.  Bring pliers and nail polishes in flower colors.

          Sat.             4:30-5:30             PC3                                                              D/B/J/T/A


Rainy Day Table Games – What do you do on a rainy day at camp?  Learn some fun and simple games that will leave you laughing until your sides hurt.  Just bring yourself!           Learn all kinds of table games that can be used when at camp as well as in other situations.  Have a blast.

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           Canvasback                                                  J/T


Recruitment/Organizer Roundtable – “The Time Has Come To Talk Of Many Things” – Come and find a place to sit and discuss ideas for successful recruitment and organizing of new Girl Scouts.  You can bring ideas or just come to listen and learn.  Do bring a smile and a sense of humor.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            Shady Cove                                                  A

          Sat.             2:00-3:00             Shady Cove


Religious Awards - Come learn about the special Awards that are available for girls of a variety of faiths and find out where to get the forms, how to apply, and how to earn the award.

          Sat.             3:15-4:15               Canvasback                                                  B/J/T/A


Say It In Sign/Sing It In Sign – The first part of this class will teach the basics of ASL and the Deaf Culture. Learn basic signs and learn to sign the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise.  The second hour – Sing It In Sign – will use  your knowledge to learn a variety of songs in sign.  Bring a pen and pad          to take notes.

          Sat.             3:15-5:30              PC1                                                              D/B/J/T/A


Service Project – Here is your chance to do something for Camp Todd.  As Girl Scouts we      always leave a place better than we find it.  As campers, we always do a camp service project for the camp.  Sign up to do some necessary work for the camp as directed by Ranger Bob.

          Sunday         9:00-10:00            PC Fire Circle                                               A

          Sunday         10:15-11:15            PC Fire Circle                                      


Snowflake Magic – Come join the group to make some very interesting and attractive snowflakes from tin grates.  Bring heavy-duty scissors or tin snips and work gloves.

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            Shady Cove                                                  A

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           Shady Cove


Spa Day – Come join us for some great ideas for a fun spa day of pampering and relaxing with your girls.  Get ideas for a weekend sleepover or an afternoon.  Bring a Kool-Ade packet          and a bowl for your feet.

          Sat.             2:00-3:00             PC1                                                              D/B/J/T/A


STEM – Come learn about the STEM program and participate in some activities that will allow you to use the materials and equipment. 

          Sun.             9:00-12:00            Lakeview Lodge                                            D/B/J/T/A


Survival – Learn basic survival skills in a variety of situations.  Bring something to take notes with and a desire to learn.

          Sat.             12:45-3:00            Canvasback                                                  J/T/A


SWAPS For Fun Or Special Occasions – Come and get a ton of ideas for SWAPS.  Make some to take home or trade.  Bring craft scissors.  Also bring a pen and pad in case you want to take some notes.

          Sat.             10:15-11;15            Hideaway                                                     D/B/J/T/A

          Sun.             10:15-11:15            Shady Cove


Tea Party In The Woods – Come join Tweedle Dum for tea.  Taste some varieties new to you.  Share ideas on how to have a Girl Scout Tea.  Sign up for the Companion course “Drink Me” for extra fun.  Bring a cup for tea and enjoy!

          Sat.             2:00-3:00             Whispering Pines                                         D/B/J/T/A

          Sat.             4:30-5:30             Whispering Pines


Tie Dye Shirts – Bring a white cotton shirt, a bunch or rubber bands, and a plastic bag and learn some different tie dye styles and/or how to perfect a spiral. 

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            Lakeview Lodge                                            D/B/J/T/A

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            Lakeview Lodge


Tigerlilies, Red Roses, and Daisy Chains – Come and learn how to create your own floral version of Alice’s headband.  Bring a headband.

          Sat.             9:00-10:00            Whispering Pines                                         J/T

          Sat.             10:15-11:15            Whispering Pines


USA Archery Level 1 Instructor Course – USA Archery Level 1 Instructors are well prepared to teach beginner archery programs to people of all ages and abilities in the disciplines of target, field, or 3-D archery.  The Level 1 instructor will learn about range safety, range setup, the steps of shooting, equipment and repair, and progressive programming.  Beginning October 1, 2016, all individuals facilitating archery at GSCB camp properties must maintain a USA Archery Level 1 Instructor certification or higher.  Additional Cost of $45.00

          Sun.             9:00-4:00             Archery Area                                              T/A


Vintage Tea Cup Crafts – Come and experiment with crafts made from vintage tea cups.  All supplies will be provided.

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             PC3                                                              T


Volunteer Essentials – Get the information you need to be a Girl Scout Volunteer Leader and network with other new leaders.  Get all the information in a personable, hands-on, unique,

face to face training that will give you the certificate you need to lead your troop.

          Sun.             9:00-12:00            Hideaway                                                     D/B/J/T/A


What’s a Compass?  Learn what a compass is, it’s many uses, and how to use it to find directions.  ‘bring a pen and pad to take notes and a positive attitude towards learning.

          Sat.             10:15- 11:15            Pavilion B                                                     D/B/J/T/A

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           Pavilion B


What’s A Service Team? – Need to know about the Service Team.  Some one, come all to this session and learn all about:  who is on the service team, what is their responsibility, and how the Service team functions.  Walk away with a better understanding of the dynamics of how volunteers deliver the promise.  Bring a pen and pad in case you want to take notes and a positive attitude towards exchanging information and fellowship with other adult leaders.

          Sat.             11:30-12:30           Tall Timbers                                                          D/B/J/T/A

          Sat.             4:30-5:30             Tall Timbers


Yarn Angels – Make beautiful angel ornaments for gifts and/or package accents.  Bring a piece of cardboard for a template, yarn, pipe cleaner for halo, wire ribbon for wings, and scissors.

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             Tall Timbers                                                          J/T/A

          Sun.             9:00-10:00            Canvasback


Zipline For Fun – Come have some fun and play on the zipline!  This is not for certification – just for fun.

          Sat.             12:45-1:45             Zip Line Area                                               D/B/J/T/A

          Sat.             2:00-3:00             Zip Line Area                                    


Zip Line Certification – The Site Specific Zip Line Certification Course provides graduates the necessary tools to provide for the safety and enjoyment of participants instructors, and spectators. The course will take place on Friday, 14 October, 9:00-5:00 – bring your own lunch.  Fall School participants will be given first choice.   Additional cost of $100.00.

          Fri.              9:00-5:00             Zip Line Area                                               D-B-J-T-A


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