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Do you want (need) to escape the monotony of Sodexo food, the dreary Binghamton University campus, and are you seeking to escape that pile of work that is just about to bury you?
Excellent! Join us on one of our retreats. Every Fall, Spring, and EVEN summer, we gather together for one retreat. At these retreats you will experience the following:
  • An in-depth Bible study often led by a guest speaker
  • Relationship building through games, meal prep, and other activities
  • Memories to last your lifetime!

Fall Retreats

Past retreats include El Rancho De Paz and Path of Life Camp For the last several years we've enjoyed the use of their facilities and the opportunity to fill a weekend with Bible study, hayrides, bonfires, horseback riding, paintball, and their unique climbing structure. 

 John demonstrating what the first few weeks of classes can do to one's sanity.  The cure?  CBF's annual fall retreat of course!  

 Ryan plans his route to the top VERY carefully
Hanna and Caitlin conquered the climbing tower!
Everyone gathers in the evening for a message from the speaker

   Everyone's all geared up for a round of paintball


Spring Retreats

Spring semester in Binghamton is a little bit of a misnomer.  However, the fact that there's usually snow on the ground and temperatures struggle to get above freezing don't keep CBF from having a fun and meaningful retreat.  In order to endure the elements, our annual spring retreat is held at a local church that graciously grants us the use of their facilities.

Learning as the speaker delves into a Scripture passage
Allison and Adam enjoying some late night sledding
along with their fellow CBFers

 Everyone enjoying their breakfast.  Dave even turns it into a "breakfast in bed" (If you're willing to call a sleeping bag a bed)

 All bundled up to brave a balmy spring afternoon in Binghamton.

Summer Retreats

Each summer, as many CBFers as possible take a weekend off from summer jobs and head to the Adirondacks for a time of fellowship, hiking, campfire cooking, Bible study, and planning for the upcoming school year. 
Independent Baptist Church graciously gives us the use of their Adirondack style lean-tos for the weekend and then welcomes us to participate with them in their Sunday service.  Summer retreats are a great opportunity to catch up while enjoying to wonders of God's creation. 

 Dave enjoying the opportunity to cook over a fire

CBFers gather for devotions and Bible study

 Everyone LOVES camping!
Posing for a group photo at the top of Chimney Mountain

 Crikey! We've stumbled upon a heard of CBFers in their not-so-natural environment!  Aren't they BEAU-ties?!?  If you look closely you can see several practicing their natural defense mechanism of popping out from behind trees to confuse their predators.

 Dave and Caleb either just realized that they forgot their maps, were about to succumb to the dangers of heatstroke, were the victims of an ill-timed flyover by a flock of vindictive geese, or just read the caption of the adjacent picture.
 Many CBFers took the opportunity to explore Eagle Cave on Chimney Mountain
 Looks like everyone made it out... we think

Even doing dishes can be fun when camping

 Caitlin poking her head into the top of the fire tower on Wakely Mt
 Did we mention that Wakely's fire tower is the tallest in the Adirondacks?

 Sara, Caitlin, Kim and Jon try to convince the rest of the group that climb to the top is safe