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Group Meetings

Every Thursday we meet for a time of worship through singing, Bible Study, games, and fellowship (this means food and friendships!). On Thursdays (7:30, New Union room 324) guest speakers, such representatives from Life Choices, current/former missionaries, or our very own Dave Mayner, lead a large group devotion or Bible Study. Dave is currently teaching on Biblical Foundations. Other special events are sometimes held at the Thursday meetings.

 Praise team leading a time of worship
 Dave addressing the the group at the beginning of a meeting

Valentine's Day Panels

One Thursday in mid February we hold our annual Valentine's Day Panel.  This panel is made up of several couples at different stages in their marriage (newlywed, middle aged, old  senior  well-seasoned).  They very graciously give their advice on relationship and openly and honestly  answer all kinds of questions like:
  • "How did you meet?"
  • "How did he pop the question?"
  • "How did you know he/she was the one?"
  • "What's the best part of being married?"
  • "What's the worst part?"
  • "How did you make it last?"
  • "What would you differently?

     Panelists preparing to share their wisdom on relationships
 Kevin embracing his role as host for the Valentine's Day Panel

That's a Good Question   

About once a semester we have a night entitled "That's a Good Question".  This is a time where Dave takes questions ranging from "What, if any, of Old Testament Law is applicable to modern day Christians?" to "Why was it ok for a prophet to curse kids who were making fun of his 'chrome dome' (baldness) and why did God honor this curse and send bears to maul these delinquent youths?".  In short, if you have a question about anything relating to Christianity or the Bible, submit it and Dave will do his best to find an answer.