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Friday Night Dinners

Friday night!
Proclaimed by some as the best night of the week, we at CBF aim to fully embrace Friday's and the glory this night has to offer. We usually start off our Fridays at the off-campus home of a seasoned member. From there, we cleanse and soothe the palate of every burnt out student with a tantalizing meal. Our chefs stem from the CBF group itself, and past culinary delights have included one-hit wonders such as Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese, Crockpot Lasagna, Pizza, Ethnic Food tastings, and dinners composed entirely of cookies. 

Following our dinners, we usually find ourselves in a virtual food coma for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, in which light conversation occurs. Once recovery has commenced, fun-filled Friday events take place. Past events include going to Chuckster's (home of the largest hole-in-one in the world), nighttime hiking at Binghamton University's very own nature preserve, board games, watching a movie, ice skating, ultimate Frisbee, checking out Binghamton late-night events...the list only ends with your imagination. Only YOU can know what will happen by showing up, partaking  in some consumption, and helping to make CBF history...BE THERE!
Some people enjoyed themselves wandering around the corn maze.  Others were happy just to finally make it out.
 CBF members take a break from skating to pose for a picture

Frank prepares for the "throw off" in ultimate frisbee while teammate Dave looks on.
Enjoying a lively game of "pretty pretty princess"
(yes... that's the name of a real board game)

 In the past, we've even rented out the
campus bowling alley for the evening