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TV: Samsung LE40M51

    • 40" LCD HD TV, a great upgrade from my old Toshiba 28" CRT. It's a bit imposing in the room but films look fabulous with it!

Amp: Onkyo TX-SR705

    • 160W THX Select2, with full support for all HD sound formats. Very pleased with it, easy to use and copes with everything wonderfully.

Speakers: Tannoy mX4's, mX1's and a mXC with a mXSub10!

    • Very good speakers, recently added the mXSub10 to give the bass some extra punch...took a while to get it setup properly, and I still fiddle with it occasionally:)

Blu-Ray: Sony PlayStation 3

  • Best value Blu-Ray player, very quick, without any background noise. Pity about the BT only remote. As a games machine though, sucks, naff lightweight controler, appaling online play and no decent games.

Popcorn Hour A110

  • Excellent little box plays back everything, including my hddvd rips!

DVD: Toshiba HD-EP20

MP3: Slim Devices SliMP3 & Squeezebox

    • Amazing little device, connected to my PC it streams my MP3's and plays them through the bedroom system...utterly brilliant. I've got the latest Logitech branded Squeezbox in the bedroom and an original handmade SlimMP3 downstairs.

Consoles: XBox 360, DreamCast

Remote: Logitech Harmony 895

  • Great remote and easy to use, bad news is that is uses Logitech's tried and tested Charge system of drop it in, and it might charge if your lucky and don't breathe on it.

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