Gryffyns Ready To Fly ThD AACR

MDR1 clear; 23.5" tall

I first met Maverick, at the time called Blaze, at RLynn's house when he was just five weeks old. Little did I know that I had also met another one of my future Silkens, his littermate brother Ace, then called Pippin.

Maverick stole my heart from the beginning. He was such a fuzzy little ball of love that my heart was melting into his little paw. From the first day that Mav-man came home with me, he has been snoozing in the bed as close to me as he can get. Maverick is Alabama's first Silken Windhound, and first Therapy Silken. He always has a "shark-grin" awaiting anyone willing to love on him. Though his showing is limited due to a missing pre-molar (his jaw was broke as a puppy, due to the pins in his jaw, the tooth was removed), it hasn't stopped him from being a champion in bringing smiles to children. Maverick has no prey drive and will not be coursed or straight raced. He would rather visit with the crowd than chase anything. He is 23.5" tall and 35lbs.

Maverick officially became a pappa on March 11, 2008. His "first wife" is Kyra, ISWS Ch, Rarities Int'l Ch Kristull Firestar of Elessar, owned by Micheal and Lori Sylvestri of Elessar. Thier puppies can be seen at: Elessar's Super Hero Litter . Maverick and I couldn't be more excited about these wee ones!




                                                                Kristull Gringo

                                Kristull Quickening

                                                                 Kristul Silver

Gryffyns Ready To Fly ThD

                                                               Kristul Theatrical Harliquin 

                                  Kristull Jetsetter

                                                                Kristull Nirvana