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The following are examples of projects funded or part-funded by the Trust.  Papers and reports published from these projects are available to view or download under 'Publications and Reports'.
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Research lead / InstitutionYearProject summaryAward
Research lead / InstitutionYearProject summaryAward
National Honey Show 2018 Sponsor a lecture at the National Honey Show £2,000 
Christina Botias, Donana Biological Station, Spain 2018 Elucidating the effect of landscape disturbance on pathogen transmission dynamics of managed and wild bees. £29,667 
British Beekeepers Association 2018 Sponsor a lecture at the BBKA Spring Convention £2,000 
Prof. Dave Goulson, University of Sussex 2017 - 2018 To test if flower strips can be incorporated within vineyards without a negative iimpact on the crop and to the benefit of wild and managed bees. 2017 £10,393, 2018 £9,581 
Prof. Francis Ratnieks, University of Sussex 2016 - 2019 To support a PhD studentship on 'Quantifying foraging competition and improving floral resources for bees and pollinator species'. 2016 £14,882, 2017 £15,116, 2018 £15,357, 2019 £11,468 
Dr Declan Schroeder & Prof. Stephen Martin'; Marine Biological Association & University of Salford 2016 - 2017 To study Honey Bee populations that persist without Varroa control and investigate if this can provide a long term solution to the Varroa/DWV problem. 2016 £12,500, 2017 £12,500 
Dr Lena Wilfert and Robyn Manley, University of Exeter 2015 - 2017 Multi-host pathogens of honeybees and wild bumblebees: Does Varroa change disease dynamics? 2015-16 £14,476, 2016-17 £4,200 
Prof. Juliet Osborne & Rosalind Shaw, University of Exeter. 2015 - 2016 Impacts of the neonicotinoid ban on farmer behaviour, pollinators and crop yield in oilseed rape. 2015 £9,538, 2016 £11,359 
Janet Lowore, University of Huddersfield 2014 - 2017 Part funding for a PhD into 'Beekeeping and conservation in Africa'. 2013-14 £8,500, 2014-15 £5,500, 2015-16 £5,500, 2016-17 £5,500 
Dr A Gray & Mr A Peterson, University of Strathclyde; Mr N Carrick, IBRA: Dr M Coffey, University of Limerick. 2014 - 2015 Citizen Science Project: Pollen collection for assessing forage diversity for honey bees in Britain. £7,063 
Nick Balfour, University of Sussex. 2014 - 2015 Part funding for PhD studentship on, 'Helping bees and agricultural pollination in farmland'. 2014 £24,531, 2015 £12,515 
Dr Alison Haughton, Rothamstead Research 2014 - 2015 A six month project: 'Understanding the impact of Nosema infection on the flight patterns of forager honey bees.' £18,743 
Dr Julia Jones, University of Sussex. 2014 Land use and honey bee - bacteria associations. £11,047 
Caroline Birchall, The Bee Collective, London. 2014 Making a B-Line for London. £5,500 
Gideon Mordecai 2014 For registration and subsistence costs to attend a workshop on Virus Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology. £1,205 
Dr Stephen Martin, University of Salford. 2014 Part fund with BBKA the purchase of a Qiagen Rotor-Gene Q 2plex HRM Platform. £3,600 
Dr Declan Schroeder, Marine Biological Association, Plymouth (project transferred as Ph.D. project to the University of Reading) 2013 - 2016 Investigation into developing mitigation strategies to control DWV loads in honey bees. £29,195 
Dr Keith Delaplane, University of Georgia, USA. 2013 Grant to help support a sabbatical for 4 months at FERA in York working on, 'Enhanced Polyandry as a Supplement to Honey Bee Breeding'. £1,865 
Dr Tom Breeze & Dr Simon Potts, University of Reading 2012 - 2013 Understanding the economic costs and benefits of beekeeping and pollination service delivery. £7,250 
Mr Ron Hoskins, Bee Keeper 2012 To help increase the number of colonies showing behaviour that helps make them resistant to the Varroa mite. £10,500 
Dr Stephen Martin, Sheffield University 2011 - 2012 Evolution of the honeybee viral pathogen DWV (Deformed Wing Virus) from covert to overt via whole genome comparisons.  
Ms Camilla Gallagher, Aberdeen University 2011 Travel Grant to support an undergraduate project on, 'Disturbance, environmental conditions and flower visitors in a semi-deciduous forest, Bolivia'.  
Dr Simon Potts, University of Reading 2010 - 2011 Research into understanding the economic costs and benefits of beekeeping and pollination service delivery  
Dr Declan Schroeder, Marine Biological Association at Plymouth 2010 Research into the interaction of honey bee viruses  
Dr Samantha Cook of Rothamstead Research 2007 To undertake final experiments on floral odors to complete a publication arising from her PhD.  
Dr Declan Schroeder, The Marine Biological Assoc. Plymouth 2006 To support research leading to publication in the Journal of Insect Pathology: Occurrence and genetic analysis of picorna-like viruses infecting worker bees of Apis mellifera L. populations in Devon, South West England  
Mr Joe Waters, The Universtity of Sterling 2005 - 8 To fund a PhD studentship supervised by Dr Dave Goulson on 'Ecology and population structure of rare bumble bees'  
Dr Declan Schroeder, The Marine Biological Assoc. Plymouth 2005 To undertake research on the dynamics of virus infection in the honey bee.  
Lizzie Cant 2004 To support completion of a PhD studies on bee movement and plant gene flow.  
Samantha Cook of Rothamstead Research 1999 To attend a conference  
Dr William Kirk of Keele University 1993 - 96 To support in publishing: Kirk, W.D.J. (2006) A Colour Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee. 2nd Edition. International Bee Research Association, Cardiff. ISBN: 0-86098-248-3.  
Professor Ingrid Williams of Rothamstead Research 1992 To collate and publish a report: Williams I.H., Carreck N., Little D.J., Nectar sources for honeybees and the movement of honeybee colonies for crop pollination and honey production in England. Bee World 74 (1993): 160-175  
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