Call for Research or Travel applications.      The Trustees meet twice a year and next meeting  at which new applications will be considered is in the spring 2018.  If you have a research or travel proposal you wish to be considered for funding, please complete an application and email it to the Trust Secretary by 1st March 2018.  Application forms and details of the application process can be found under: How to apply for funding . 

Beekeeping and conservation in Zambia.      If you are interested to learn more about forest beekeeping and its relationship with forest conservation, Janet Lowore has provided a brief summary of some policy implications of her work you can read here.  This uses information she has collected as part of her research funded by the CB Dennis Trust.

Travel Grants now available!      Trustees agreed at their meeting in October 2016 to make travel grants of up to £1000 available to allow UK based researchers to present their work at international meetings.   The new application and report / claim forms are available on the 'How to apply for funding' page.  Applications will be considered twice a year at the spring and autumn meetings of Trustees.

National Honey Show 2016 Lecture Series.      The Trust sponsored the videoing of the lectures at the 2016 National Honey show, to help make the information presented available to a much wider audience than might otherwise have been possible.  You are welcome to enjoy any or all of the lectures through the Honey Show site or directly here: 

If you would like to help us fund further exciting research to benefit bees and beekeeping this is now easily done online, just click on the following link:  Support Us .