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Ministry Opportunities

We welcome all Christ followers who worship in our church regularly and love children to serve in our Children's Ministry (see Children's Ministry Staffing on Sundays for our staffing arrangements). All Children's Ministry coworkers are expected to be familiar with our visitor's package and the specific responsibilities in the area of service, and go through the CORI check according to the law of Massachusetts. Please contact Minister Steven Bowman (sbowman@cbcgb.org) if you would like to serve with us to bringing the children to the Lord. The following is a list of current ministry opportunities:

Sunday Session 1 (9:30-11:15a)

A. Philly (special nurture) teachers
        see Philly Teachers Responsibilities
  1. Dec-Feb & Jun-Aug
B. Nursery (under age 2) coworkers
  • fully staffed, PTL!
C. Mustard Seed (age 2-5) assistant teachers
        - see Mustard Seed Teachers Responsibilities
  • fully staffed, PTL!
D. Children's Worship (grades 1-4) assistant teachers
        - see Children's Worship Teachers Responsibilities
  1. Grade 2 - Jun-Aug
  2. Grade 3 - Jun-Aug (candidate identified)
  3. Grade 4 - Jun-Aug (candidate identified)
E. Children's Worship (grades 1-4) specialty staff
see Children's Worship Song Leaders Responsibilities
  1. Assistant administrator - Jun-Aug
Sunday Session 2 (11:15a-12:30p)

A. Philly (special nurture) teachers
  • fully staffed, PTL!
B. Nursery (under age 2) coworkers
  1. Team A - Sept, Jan, May
  2. Team B - Oct, Feb, Jun
  3. Team D - Dec, Apr, Aug
C. Mustard Seed (age 2-5) assistant teachers
- see Mustard Seed Teachers Responsibilities
  1. Toddlers - Dec-Feb
  2. Kindergarten Sept-Nov
  3. Kindergarten Mar-May
D. Sunday School (grades 1-4) assistant teachers
        - see Children's Sunday School Teachers Responsibilities
  1. Grade 2 - Sept-Nov
  2. Grade 3 - Sept-Nov