Dear Friends of Calvary Baptist Christian Academy,

 As many of you know, Calvary Baptist Church in Macomb took on the mission of a Christian school many years ago. The church has been faithful to support Calvary Baptist Christian Academy through ups and downs. The church has upheld the school during years when there has been a shortfall. However, the shortfall this coming year would be large enough that the hardship on the church would be severe and undeserved. For this reason the church voted Sunday (July 15th) to disband Calvary Baptist Christian Academy.


Since then a groundswell of generosity has been offered not only by parents, but also by businesses and friends of the Academy. We have been amazed to see the offers so many of you have made. We have asked ourselves, what does it mean that so many are willing to be so generous? Well, for one thing it means that a Christ-based education matters to all of us. It means that at CBCAcademy we have become like family. It also means that you, our CBCA  family and friends, are among the most generous individuals around.


And yet there is one very important aspect of all this that we can't ignore. What is God's will for the Academy? We cannot overlook the fact that it is the school board, and ultimately the church, that God has placed over us; and the board has sought long and hard for Gods will. He has raised up this group of individuals to lead us through situations like this.


The church as overseer of the school's mission must look at the long-term future of the school. Do we prolong the life of the school for one more year without any assurance that it would be sustainable after that? This coming year's deficit has been big, and many of you have been very gracious; but there is the likelihood that next year's deficit would be bigger. Are we all ready to dig deep and do this again next spring?


Let me encourage you to prayerfully acknowledge Gods will in this. Also prayerfully consider the church's role in overseeing the school. The church does a great deal more than make decisions.  The church ultimately pays for any shortfall that remains uncovered. For this reason we, the families of CBCA, have a responsibility to affirm and consider the heart of Calvary Baptist Church. And as painful as it is, Calvary Baptist Christian Academy remains closed for the fall.


This is a tough season for all of us. The economy has hit us hard. Many of our families are struggling financially. Ministries such as our school are often hit hard. I pray as we navigate our way through these tough times that you and your family are blessed by a God who is wonderful and loving, even in the most difficult of times.


Blessings in Christ,

Connie Sadler

Calvary Baptist Christian Academy