Cypress Bend Homeowners Association

We are pleased to announce that Diamond Property Management, LLC, has appointed Christina Hunsucker as Property Manager, meaning that she will be your contact person for the Cypress Bend Home Owners Association.  This contract is already in effect, and we will be your point of contact for the forseeable future.
That contact information is:
    Diamond Property Management, LLC (licensed in Louisiana)
    315 E. Texas St.
    Bossier CIty, LA
    318-746-0011 (main office)
    318-213-5299 (property management)
    318-746-0939 (fax)
First, I want to discuss our role in your HOA.  Some of you, in our conversations, have referred to us as the "head" of the HOA.  We are not.  We are primarily administrators.  Among other things, we hire vendors to perform service on behalf of the community, we pay them, we watch for common violations of Covenants (published on this site) and we pursue relief from those violations.  We collect dues, track late fees, report to the Developer (and you) and file leins against those who do not pay their dues, among other things. 
Many of you have asked me specific questions about issues that bother you.  The lack of financial reports on the HOA is the most common.  Others are teens speeding on atv's, loose dogs, and un-mown lots. 
The Financial Report from 2011 operations is included on the site.  Regarding the other issues, we want to know what YOU think.  We are compiling the complaints, so PLEASE email us with your concerns and questions.  If there is an emergency, of course, contact us by phone.  Soon enough we will have a meeting, and please remember, we are new on the job...
In the meantime, each resident can do us a favor that will speed communication.  Unless you have an objection, please send us an email which lists your:
    1.  Full names and contact information for anyone we might need to contact;
    2. Your most important TWO concerns about the HOA.
Not being an attorney, I am not going to write a lot about protecting your private information - like email addresses.  However, we will not share your information with anyone outside of Diamond Property Management, LLC, the developer, and our accountant.  And, your concerns will be kept confidential.
Those of you with dues owing should make your payment, as you have in the past, by mailing your check payable to Diamond Property Management, LLC,315 E. Texas Street - Bossier City, LA 71111.
And, please remember that this website is a work in progress.  We will be adding to it as we go, so please stay tuned.