These sites are dedicated to all Cape Bretoners that served in wars in the last century and a half. All are heroes and all are casualties. This is not only a commemorative site but also a genealogy site whereby those that served in war would represent a large portion of the population of Cape Breton. Sources for this site would be newspapers of the day, obituaries, cemeteries, previously published works, Library and Archives Canada (LAC), Royal Canadian Legion and contributions from visitors to this site.

Each site can be accessed by clicking the appropriate button on the left. I am still in the process of developing the sites. Please note that some sites are still not accessible while others are in various stages of construction. Over the next few months I hope to add more content to each site.

Something new I've added to each site will be a chronology of events in each war which directly relate to Cape Breton

Comments are always welcome and any additions, corrections, etc. to the database would be much appreciated.

If you would like to contribute information on any individual, please fill out the attached form.

Thank you very much.

Wayne Macvicar, Mira Gut, NS (cbww2@seaside.ns.ca)
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