Cape Breton Antique
& Custom Car Club

                                     "Cruisin' Through Time Since '79"

The Cape Breton Antique & Custom Car Club was formed in November 1979.   The club has always been family oriented with members of all ages and many activities geared toward family involvement.  Events run throughout the year and include such activities as club meetings, cruise events, vehicle displays, picnics, and other activities.

There are currently 217 registered members in the club.
Membership fee for one member is $20.00 annually with a one-time enrollment fee of $5.00.   For two members $30.00 annually with a one-time enrollment fee of $10.00.
The club holds monthly meetings at St. Theresa's Parish Centre, 285 St. Peter's Road, Sydney:

* first Tuesday each month January to December, 7:00 pm

Please note**

During the winter months , if on the day of our Club meeting, schools had been canceled during that day, we will cancel the meeting that night for current month.

Cruise-in nights are held each Thursday evening beginning in May and continue into the late fall, depending upon the weather.   The events usually include a gathering of both club member and non-member vehicles, some "cruising the drag" and are often followed with a visit to a local coffee shop or restaurant.  These outings are very enjoyable and afford participants the opportunity to swap stories and to check out the latest modifications to the various vehicles.   They also draw a fair amount of interest from the general public.

   *****************2019 Executive*******************

          President:  Bill Corbett- 902-862-8876

    Vice-president:  David MacDougall - 902-849-4456

      Secretary:  Shirley Spagnolatti - 902-562-2250
         Treasurer:  Marie O'Flaherty - 902-539-0910
Events Coordinator: 

     *****************Website address:*******************

              Website Manager:     David Mac Dougall                      

   *********You can also find us on Facebook.***********
      The Cape Breton Antique & Custom CAR CLUB                   Welcomes new members throughout the year.
If you are interested in joining or if you would like more information, please contact any member of the executive.