The study of William Cazier's life has been written about by such researchers as Martha (Mattie) Cazier Egar, Helen Cazier Norton, and Fern Rutledge, family genealogists and researchers for the Cazier Family Organization which was started in 1949. These people, and others too, have passed on now, and their efforts to preserve the lives of our ancestors are greatly appreciated by those of us who are left to carry on. The authors of journals, life stories, letters, and other contributions are invaluable to our story, without them this work would have been impossible.

Another young man deserves mention here, his name is Jean-Claude Cazier and he is from the Lille area in France. In the early 1970s he came to BYU in Provo, Utah, to pursue his education. In the process, he looked up several of the Cazier clan and got to know them. The family sent him back to France, after his graduation from BYU, with some means to do more research. He was more successful than he realized, though we never found a direct connection in relationship between our Caziers and his - his grandparents both carried the Cazier name. He helped us understand the French culture and the geography; he spoke the language of France and also the Netherlands. He did find our Philippe and Maria Casier and their little family as they wandered through France, the Netherlands, and Germany, then eventually to the North American Continent at New Amsterdam. How grateful we are to these cousins who have taken us to the point we are at today.

We are blessed today to have the modern conveniences of the internet and email. These tools, in addition to the work of the LDS Church and many other organizations, now help us to move on at a faster and more efficient pace than ever before. We can hear the voices of the past encouraging us to keep moving forward, they want to be found. As the following stories show, we are being successful. May our lives unite in an effort of remembrance to each other.