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You may purchase these articles on a CD which is in an MS Word format. It is ready to be printed on a double sided page, appropriate for a book (to be added to as research is done). Corrections and additions may be upcoming on it as work progresses. The cost is $10 and includes shipping & handling. Any monies left over will go toward research efforts. We also accept contributions to the research being done through this web site.
More Cazier Sites

Visit our sister sites maintained by Andy & Gail of the Cazier Organization. If you wish to visit Andy's web site it is at
www.cazier.net, and Gail's website is www.cazier.org. Andy's website contains the family newsletter and information on reunions. Gail's website has many additional research articles. We are so grateful to our family for continuing their labors of love in maintaining this information.
All information found within this site has been obtained for the purposes of personal family history research, and is not intended for profit or re-distribution. You may not use information contained herein without permission of the author(s), except for personal research purposes. All attempts have been made to document the sources. If you have a concern in this regard, please contact the authors for prompt resolution. You may contact us at reynoldscrcr@yahoo.com.
I would ask that any one who chooses to use this site to please consider the time and expense, and the tremendous work, that has gone into the publishing of these works. Every effort has been made to include ownership references and to document resources. Full credit is given to all contributors, as well as my undying gratitude. Please contact me if you have a concern, I will certainly seek to resolve any problem.
Please, do not copy any of these works in their entirety - though duplicating some segments is certainly permissable with a proper notice of recognition included. Not only does copying in entirety infringe on copyrights, but it is a blatant misuse of other's recognition rights. No matter if they are still living or long deceased, they made the sacrifice and they deserve the credit. Thank you for this consideration, and enjoy the experience!