Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament (CUT IX~13) 


Tournament Details 

Your Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament is back for its ninth year and is designed as an early season tune-up for the top teams from around the Northeast and beyond.  More importantly this 9th annual charity event is to benefit children who have been physically or sexually abused.  McMahon/Ryan ( our primary charity in which to date we have raised nearly 50k. 
It has been a fun, fast and furious past couple months since the pretourney logistics got set into motion.  As always, expect great competition, fields, food provisions, surprises, unbeatable weather, swimming, ultimate players breakfast and a big night out in a small one-horse town. Once again, SAVAGE Ultimate will be the official ultimate apparel sponsor. 

Questions?  Lemme know how I can help you... Darren.

Past winners:

  • 2012  Ironside
  • 2011  Ironside
  • 2010  Ironside
  • 2009  Ironside
  • 2008: Ironside
  • 2007: Boston Ultimate
  • 2006: Metal
  • 2005: GOAT