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How to Guide

How To PTA

1.    How do I join?
Fill out the membership form and send it in with your dues to the office or contact our membership chair. 

2.    How do I get on the list-serve?
To subscribe to the list-serve, click here

3.    Who can post and what can be posted on the list-serve?
CayugaHeightsPTA has been established to facilitate communication among the parents and teachers of Cayuga Heights Elementary School in Ithaca, NY. The list is set up as a discussion list, so all members can post announcements and start threads of conversation.  All messages to should be relevant to the CHES community. Please keep posts non-political and only post messages that will be of interest to the parents and teachers of Cayuga Heights Elementary School.

4.    How can I help?
Volunteer and/or donate to CHES PTA.  There are currently many openings in leadership opportunities.  We don't expect you to be perfect, just willing to lend a hand!  We are all volunteers that try and do our best to keep it going.

5   How/What can I donate?
Donations to the PTA or the Spanish Program are always welcome!  Send in a check made out to the CHES PTA or CHES PTA with Spanish Program in the memo line.  You can send the check in an envelope in your child's backpack or drop it off in the PTA mailbox located in the office.

6.  When are the PTA meetings and is there child care?
Yes, free child care is provided.  Please pre-register with Kerry.  Pizza and juice is provided for $3 per child if requested.  Please check meeting dates and times often, as sometimes information changes.

7.    How can I make photocopies?
CHES PTA related photocopies can be made at WordPro located at Community Corners.
410 East Upland Road, Ithaca, NY 14850.
(800) 833-6601
Open Weekdays 8am-5pm

8.    How many photocopies do I make?
The number of students per classroom is written in pencil on the name tag of each teacher mailbox.  Teacher mailboxes are located in the office next to Debbie Antal's desk.

9.    How do I get photocopies or announcements in backpacks?
You may put your announcement in teacher mailboxes.  When planning, please note that some teachers send out material daily, while others wait until Friday for items to go home.

10.    Who can get reimbursed?
PTA reimburses volunteers who are buying items for PTA programs that have budget line items.  This includes program chairs, those working with program chairs, officers or those that have obtained permission by PTA officers.

11.   How do I get reimbursed?
    • On a piece of paper, write your name, address, list the receipts and total
    • Staple all the receipts to the piece of paper
    • Put everything in an envelope
    • Place it in the PTA treasurer mailbox or send it to school in your child's backpack
    • A check will be either mailed or given to you in person

12.    Where are the PTA mailboxes?

There are two PTA mailboxes (one general and one treasurer mailbox) located in the CHES office.

13.    Is PTA tax-exempt?
Yes.  For more information contact the PTA treasurer, Brenda Prince.

14.   How do I put something in the PTA newsletter?
For all newsletter submissions, write-ups and/or pictures, contact the PTA newsletter chair or PTA president.

15.    How do I put something on the list-serve?
If you subscribe to the list-serve you can post.  Please make sure that all posts are relevant to the school.  If you would like to subscribe to the list-serve, click here.

16.    How do I submit pictures for the yearbook?
Have you been to school events and snapped some shots?  Do you have pictures of a field-trip or special classroom activity?  The yearbook committee is always looking for great CHES pictures or your kids.  Action shots or pictures with multiple children are especially welcome.

17.    How do I submit announcements for the PTA website?

Email Bella any webpage submissions (documents, pictures or announcements) for posting.

18.    What do I need to do to hold an event at school?
    • Check with the office to make sure the space is available on the dates needed.
    • Fill out building use forms for any PTA sponsored event that is being held at the school.  Forms can be obtained and submitted in the CHES office- see Patti Farral. 
19.    What supplies does PTA have?
    • One folding table
    • Two coffee pump carafes
    • One large coffee pot
    • Some paper products and coffee supplies
    • One large cooler
    • One orange cooler with a spout
    • One white board located in the lobby
    • One goal chart
    • Carnival games (beanbag toss, balloon boards, signage ect.)
                If there is an item you need to help run a program, please contact Kerry.