Welcome to the CHES PTA!

(updated 1/29/15)
  • The PTA meeting scheduled for Monday, February 2nd, has been cancelled. 

  • Join us this evening (1/23/15) for Family Movie night in the school cafeteria.  Doors open a 6pm and the movie begins at 6:30pm.  Admission is free as is the popcorn and soda.  Children may wear pajamas and bring pillows and blankets, but we ask that all children are accompanied by an adult.  Tonight's feature is Pixar Short Films Collections Volumes 1 & 2.

  • This weekend's Firehouse Fundraiser was a huge success!  Thank you to everybody that made it possible including all of our attendees, volunteers, and especially the following individuals and businesses whose donations made this such a great event:

    Alexi Zenter, Alpha Phi Omega Gamma, Becca Hagen Photography, Brad Pollack, Briggs Family, Catherine Gale & Mike Titlebaum, Cayuga Heights Fire Department, Cornell Laundry, Cornell Men’s Lacrosse, Eileen Coller, Gandhi-Lobo Family, Garin Danner, George Tamborelle, Greek Peak Mountain Resort, Greenwald-Schaye Family, Ithaca Beer and Soda Co., Ithaca Yacht Club, Joel Lamson, John Ryan, Kate Travis, La Tourelle Inn and August Moon Spa, Leland Collins, MacKenzie-Childs, Ryan Harrington, Sciencenter, Six Mile Creek Winery, Spencer Hill, Thomas Hall, Uhlig Family, the UPS Store

    Also a big thank you to Michelle Woods for coordinating the following people that helped the students create the amazing classroom art projects:

    Soledad Almeida, Cosmin Belicizi, Carmela Belicizi, Jason Blumenkamp, Kristy Colbert, Chantelle Daniel, Lori Davis, Ineke Demuynck, Maggie Gerson, Renu Ghandi, Moira Haupt, Isabel Hernandez, Jessica Hoff, Ann Kolodji, Jennifer Kozlowski, Kathy Lacson, Hickory Lee, Michelle Lee, Marga Livak, Joy O’Connor, Maria Park, Mary Parz, Maria Raab, Suzanne Rebillard, Sarah Roberts, Elvina Scott, Peggy Sue Thorpe, Kate Travis, Justine Waldman, Brittany Williams, Claudia Winckler, Mary Wirtz, Alicia Wittink